Advanced Biotechnologies, Inc.

Address: 1545 Progress Way, Eldersburg, Maryland 21784, USA
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Profile: Advanced Biotechnologies, Inc. is an international biotechnology company specializing in the manufacture of viral reagent products, infectious disease antigens, and electron microscopy services. Our proprietary methods of purification result in exceptionally high yields that facilitate thorough and timely research and development.

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• AB-Human Serum• Adenovirus-2 Infected Cell DNA• Adenovirus-5 Infected Cell DNA
• Adenovirus-5 Purified Virus• Adenovirus-5 Quantitated Viral DNA• Antigen Purification
• Bio-engineered Virus• Bioprocess Validation• Chlamydia trachomatis
• Chlamydia trachomatis LGV-II434 Quantitated DNA• Chlamydophila Pneumoniae CDC-CWL-011 Strain Quanti...• CMVAD169 Quantitated Viral DNA
• Concentrated Viral Preparations• Custom Cell Banks• Custom Virus Inactivation
• Custom Virus Production• DNA Controls for PCR• EBV Nuclear Antigen-1
• EBV Nuclear Antigen-1 (EBNA-1) Recombinant Protein• EBV P3HR1 Strain Inactivated Cell Extract• EBV P3HR1 Strain Viral Capsid Antigen
• Electron Microscopy Services• Elutriated Human Adult Monocytes - Fresh• Elutriated Human Adult Monocytes - Frozen
• Genomic DNA• H9 Uninfected Cell Extract• HFS Uninfected Cell Extract
• HHV-6 IgG Antibody ELISA Kit• HHV-6A GS Strain Quantitated Viral DNA• HHV-6AGS Quantitated Viral DNA
• HHV-6B Z-29 Strain Quantitated Viral DNA• HHV-7 H7-4 Infected Cell DNA• HHV-7 H7-4 Strain Quantitated DNA Control
• HIV-1 (IIIB Strain) Quantitated Viral RNA• HIV-1 Ba-L Direct Pelleted Virus• HIV-1 Ba-L Strain Direct Pelleted Virus
• HIV-1 IIIB gp120 Purified Native Glycoprotein• HIV-1 IIIB Infected Cell DNA• HIV-1 IIIB p24 gag Purified Native Protein
• HIV-1 IIIB Purified Viral Lysate• HIV-1 IIIB Purified Virus• HIV-1 IIIB Strain Direct Pelleted Virus
• HIV-1 IIIB Strain gp160 env Purified Native Glycop...• HIV-1 IIIB Strain Infected Cell DNA• HIV-1 IIIB Strain nef Recombinant Viral Protein
• HIV-1 IIIB Strain p24 gag Purified Native Protein• HIV-1 IIIB Strain p24 Recombinant Viral Protein• HIV-1 IIIB Strain p66 Recombinant Viral Protein
• HIV-1 IIIB Strain Purified Viral Lysate• HIV-1 IIIB Strain Purified Virus• HIV-1 MN Strain gp120 Recombinant Viral Protein
• HIV-1 pHXB2 Strain gp41 Recombinant Viral Protein• HIV-1 pHXB2D Strain Direct Pelleted Virus• HIV-1IIIB gp160 Recombinant Viral Protein
• HIV-1IIIB p24 Recombinant Viral Protein• HIV-1MN gp120 Recombinant Viral Protein• HIV-2 NIH-Z Infected Cell DNA
• HIV-2 NIH-Z Purified Viral Lysate• HIV-2 NIH-Z Strain Infected Cell DNA• HIV-2 NIH-Z Strain Purified Viral Lysate
• HIV-2 NIH-Z Strain Purified Virus• HIV-2 ST Strain gp36 Recombinant Viral Protein• HIV-2ST gp36 Recombinant Viral Protein
• HPV-16 Transformed Cell DNA• HPV-18 Transformed Cell DNA• HSV-1 MacIntyre Purified Viral Lysate
• HSV-1 MacIntyre Strain Inactivated Cell Extract• HSV-1 MacIntyre Strain Purified Viral Lysate• HSV-1 MacIntyre Strain Purified Virus
• HSV-1 MacIntyre Strain Quantitated Viral DNA• HSV-2 G Strain Inactivated Cell Extract• HSV-2 G Strain Purified Viral Lysate
• HSV-2 G Strain Purified Virus• HSV-2 G Strain Quantitated Viral DNA• HTLV-I MT-2 Infected Cell DNA
• HTLV-I MT-2 Strain Infected Cell DNA• HTLV-I MT-2 Strain Purified Viral Lysate• HTLV-I MT-2 Strain Purified Virus
• HTLV-II C3-44/Mo Infected Cell DNA• Human Interleukin 2• Human Interleukin-2
• Human Monocytes• Immunoassay Stabilizer• Infectious Disease Antibodies
• Infectious Disease Antigens• Interleukins• KSHV/HHV-8 IgG Antibody ELISA Kit
• Large-Scale Production of Pathogen-Infected Cells• Leukocytes• Macrophage Cultures
• Macrophages• Miscellaneous PCR Primers• Molecular Virology Services
• Monoclonal Antibodies• Mycobacterium tuberculosis Quantitated Bacterial D...• Mycoplasma pneumoniae Quantitated DNA
• Neisseria gonorrhoeae Heat-Inactivated Cells• Neisseria gonorrhoeae Quantitated Bacterial DNA• Neisseria gonorrhoeae Viable Cells
• Pre-Clinical Development Services

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