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BIOTECHNOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES products beginning with : I
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Insect and Baculovirus Expression Vectors (4 suppliers)
Insect Cell Culture (4 suppliers)
Insect Cell Culture Agarose (4 suppliers)
Insect Cell Culture Media (17 suppliers)
Insect Cell Transfection Reagents (6 suppliers)
Insect Cells (5 suppliers)
Insect Traps & Lures (3 suppliers)
Insect Virus Bio-Insecticides (2 suppliers)
Insecticides From Beauveria Bassiana (2 suppliers)
Insecticides, Honey Bees (2 suppliers)
InsertFinderT PCR Quick Screening Kit (1 supplier)
Instant Camera (4 suppliers)
Instant Vector Cloning Kit (2 suppliers)
Instrument Calibration & Maintenance (26 suppliers)
The Instrument Maintenance & Calibration System is a laboratory equipment calibration tracking and management software program that allows you to schedule, track and report inspections on your instruments. This technique was specifically designed for automating equipment calibration and tracking instrument history. In this programme the term 'instrument history' refers to information regarding the type and identification of the instrument, where it is and who's using it, what problems are ongoing with the instrument, as well as what problems have occurred in the past and how they were corrected. This allows one to schedule periodic maintenance and inspection events, and to keep track of when they were done and what the outcome was. The program comes with an extensive array of reports, and allows you to create your own reports with the Report Wizard
Instrument Management (2 suppliers)
Instrument Qualification & Calibration Services (7 suppliers)
Instruments for EIA kits (2 suppliers)
Insula Membrane Lysate (2 suppliers)
Insulin - Bovine (3 suppliers)
Insulin - Porcine (3 suppliers)
Insulin Degrading Enzyme (IDE) Monoclonal Antibody (2 suppliers)
Insulin Degrading Enzyme (IDE) Polyclonal Antibody (2 suppliers)
Insulin ELISA Kit (1 supplier)
Insulin Free Human Serum (2 suppliers)
Insulin IRMA kit (2 suppliers)
Insulin Polyclonal Antibody (2 suppliers)
Insulin Quantitative Test (2 suppliers)
Insulin Receptor Substrate Antibody Sampler Kit (2 suppliers)
Insulin RIA Tests (2 suppliers)
Insulin Supplements (4 suppliers)
Insulin Transferrin Selenium Solution (3 suppliers)
Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Proteins (IGFBP's) (2 suppliers)
Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (Human) IFA Kit (2 suppliers)
Insulin-like Growth Factor-2 (Human) IFA Kit (2 suppliers)
Insulin-like Growth Factors (1 supplier)
Insulin/Glucose Phospho Antibody Array (2 suppliers)
Intact Osteocalcin ELISA Kit (2 suppliers)
Intact Parathyroid Hormone ELISA Kit (2 suppliers)
Integrated Cell Assay System (2 suppliers)
Integrated Microplate Stackers (2 suppliers)
Integrated Tomography Rig (2 suppliers)
Integrating Spheres (5 suppliers)
Integrators (10 suppliers)
Integrin Alpha F cDNA Probe (2 suppliers)
Integrin Antibody Sampler Kit (2 suppliers)
Integrin Beta1 cDNA Probe (2 suppliers)
Integrin Beta3 cDNA Probe (2 suppliers)
Integrin Linked ILK Peptide (2 suppliers)
Integrin Pathway Sampler Kit (2 suppliers)
Integrin 3 (Phospho-Tyr773) Antibody (2 suppliers)
501 to 550 of 711 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 [11] 12 13 14 15 >> Next 50 Results
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