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User Data Mining (120 suppliers)
The process of data mining is concerned with extracting patterns from the data by using techniques such as classification, regression, link analysis, segmentation or deviation detection. Classification involves mapping data into one of several predefined or newly discovered classes. Regression methods involve assigning data a continuous numerical variable based on statistical methods. One goal in using regression methods is to extrapolate trends from a few samples of the data. Link analysis involves evaluating apparent connections or links between data in the database. Deviation detection identifies data values that are outside of the norm, as defined by existing models or by evaluating the ordering of observations. Segmentation identifies classes or groups of data that behave similarly, according to an established metric. These methods of data mining are typically used in combination with each other, either in parallel or as part of a sequential operation.
Usher Syndrome Genetic Testing (2 suppliers)
USP Dissolution Baskets (2 suppliers)
USP7 Polyclonal Antibody (1 supplier)
Ustekinumab (1 supplier)
Uteroglobin Antibody (2 suppliers)
Uterus (Human Fetal) Normal Tissue Slides (2 suppliers)
Uterus (Human) Cytoplasmic Lysate - Adult Normal Tissue (2 suppliers)
Uterus (Human) Cytoplasmic Lysate - Tumor Tissue (2 suppliers)
Uterus (Human) Normal Tissue Slides (3 suppliers)
Uterus Lupus Lysate (2 suppliers)
Uterus Membrane Lupus Lysate (2 suppliers)
Uterus Membrane Tumor Lysate (2 suppliers)
Uterus Nuclear Lupus Lysate (2 suppliers)
Uterus Tumor Lysate (2 suppliers)
Uterus-Cervix Lysate (2 suppliers)
Uterus-Cervix Membrane Lysate (2 suppliers)
Uterus-Cervix Nuclear Lysate (2 suppliers)
Uterus-Corpus Membrane Lysate (2 suppliers)
Uterus-Corpus Nuclear Lysate (2 suppliers)
Uterus-Fundus Membrane Lysate (2 suppliers)
Uterus-Fundus Nuclear Lysate (2 suppliers)
Utexlose (2 suppliers)
UTP (8 suppliers)
UV / VIS / NIR (23 suppliers)
UV Absorber, Sodium Erythorbate (2 suppliers)
UV Crosslinker (8 suppliers)
UV Crosslinker Aids (2 suppliers)
UV Fluorescent Microspheres (2 suppliers)
UV Illuminator (2 suppliers)
UV Lamps (4 suppliers)
UV Monitor Aids (3 suppliers)
UV Monitors (6 suppliers)
UV PCR Cabinet (2 suppliers)
UV Photodiode Array Detectors (14 suppliers)
UV Sterilisation Cabinet (3 suppliers)
UV Transilluminator (12 suppliers)
UV Transparent Cuvette (3 suppliers)
UV VIS NIR Spectrometers (5 suppliers)
UV White Light Transilluminators (6 suppliers)
UV-Vis (41 suppliers)
UV-Vis Detectors (43 suppliers)
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (14 suppliers)
UV-Vis-IR (17 suppliers)
UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer (7 suppliers)
UVVIS Bifurcated Spectrometry Optical Fibers (2 suppliers)
UVVis Monitors (7 suppliers)
151 to 197 of 197 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 [4]
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