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Clean Room Unscramblers (1 supplier)
Clean Room Validation & Testing Service (6 suppliers)
Clean Room Technology is a critical aspect for a pharmaceutical or biotechnology facility. Elements contributing to a clean room are crucial to be considered right from conceptual stage a new set up. Classified areas, air locks, pressure differentials go hand-in-hand with humidity, microbial load & temperature in your facility. These issues are product and process dependant. Designing, fabrication and construction, installation & qualification of theses area all fall under one single aspect of Clean Room Facility & we provide these solutions. Broadly we may say that Clean Room Technology comprises two important parts, the Air Handling Units( AHU) which are designed to suit specific classification needs of a particular work environment. Be it classification in terms of Class 100000, 10000 or be it graded like Grade C or Grade B. The design of the AHU system is worked out in tandem with the civil engineering group for slab cutouts or with cutouts on the walk-on false ceiling. Secondly, we should design & install complete clean room sandwich panels for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutraceutical facilities. The panels used are dependent on the type of facility and the budget ranging from thick laminate panels to SS ones.
Cleanroom Bootie /Towel Dispensers (2 suppliers)
Cleanroom Liner Wall Panels (2 suppliers)
Cleanroom Wall Panels (2 suppliers)
Cleanroom Wall Systems (4 suppliers)
Cleanroom/ESD Chairs (2 suppliers)
Cleanup Minipreps Kit (3 suppliers)
Clear Glass Beakers (2 suppliers)
Clear Glass Round Bottom Mini-Vessel (2 suppliers)
Clear Microspheres (2 suppliers)
Clear Petri Dish Holders (1 supplier)
Clear Pipet Holders (1 supplier)
Clear Pipet Stands (1 supplier)
Clear Polyester Membrane Inserts (2 suppliers)
Cleavage Control Protein (2 suppliers)
Cleavage Stimulation Factor 2 Antibody (2 suppliers)
Cleavage Stimulation Factor Antibody (2 suppliers)
Cleaved alpha-Fodrin (Asp1185) Antibody (2 suppliers)
Cleaved Caspase Antibody Sampler Kit (2 suppliers)
Cleaved PARP Activation Kit (2 suppliers)
Cleaved PARP Antibody (2 suppliers)
Clenbuterol Antibody (4 suppliers)
Clenbuterol ELISA Kits (4 suppliers)
CLIC1 Antibody (2 suppliers)
CLIC3 Recombinant Protein (3 suppliers)
Clincal Trial Material Manufacturing Services (2 suppliers)
Clindamycin Hydrochloride (1 supplier)
Clindamycin Phosphate (1 supplier)
Clinical Analysers (5 suppliers)
Clinical Analysing Services (22 suppliers)
Clinical Chemistry Analyzer (8 suppliers)
Clinical Chemistry Reagent Kits (2 suppliers)
Clinical Chemistry Test Kits (2 suppliers)
Clinical Chemistry, Immunoturbidimetric Tests (3 suppliers)
Clinical Dipslide (2 suppliers)
Clinical Genetic Testing (2 suppliers)
Clinical LabAanalysis (3 suppliers)
Clinical PK/Bioavailability Studies (3 suppliers)
Clinical Research Reagents (3 suppliers)
Clinical Research Service (15 suppliers)
Clinical Samples Analysis (6 suppliers)
Clinical Specimens (6 suppliers)
Clinical Trial Insurances (4 suppliers)
Clinical Trial Materials Manufacturing for Phase I & Phase II (3 suppliers)
Clinical trial monitoring. (4 suppliers)
Clinical Trial Planning and Design (3 suppliers)
Clinical Trial Simulation And Monitoring System (2 suppliers)
Clinical Trials (37 suppliers)
Clinical Trials Management Services (19 suppliers)
1951 to 2000 of 2820 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results [40] 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 >> Next 50 Results
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