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BIOTECHNOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES products beginning with : L
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Laboratory Caseworks (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Centrifuges (22 suppliers)
Laboratory Chemicals & Reagents (11 suppliers)
Laboratory Chest Freezers (3 suppliers)
Laboratory CO2 Incubators (4 suppliers)
Laboratory Construction (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Data Management (43 suppliers)
Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a vital tool to any research lab. By providing much needed structure and organization to the lab, a LIMS will increase the efficiency & safety. It has provision to store database, update and share lab's information on plasmids, cell lines, bacteria, DNA, RNA, protein, reagents, research animals, viruse,& purchase orders online. It will also organize your lab's incident reports, mandatory safety reports for radioactive use, biohazard use & chemical use, and a database will be available to track your lab's equipment & schedule preventive maintenance. By this the data is safe, secure and can be accessed from anywhere that an internet connection exists.
Laboratory Disposables (4 suppliers)
Laboratory Equipment (29 suppliers)
Laboratory Filling Equipment (4 suppliers)
Laboratory Filtration (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Freezers (20C) (8 suppliers)
Laboratory Freezers (30AnddegC) (5 suppliers)
Laboratory Freezers (86AnddegC) (6 suppliers)
Laboratory Fridges (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Glassware (14 suppliers)
Laboratory Glassware Drying Racks (1 supplier)
Laboratory Grade Water Purification (5 suppliers)
Laboratory Incubator Shakers (12 suppliers)
Laboratory Incubator Shakers (Refrigerated) (3 suppliers)
Laboratory Incubators (Non Carbon Dioxide ) (7 suppliers)
Laboratory Incubators (Refrigerated) (10 suppliers)
Laboratory Information Management Software (9 suppliers)
Laboratory Mixer (3 suppliers)
Laboratory Notebooks (14 suppliers)
Laboratory notebooks represent an important part of the research and development workflow. The role of the laboratory notebook is to record work that was done so that research can be repeated, or avoided if the outcome was not the desired outcome, and to allow subsequent research to move forward based on previous results. Traditionally, the laboratory notebook medium is paper and data entries are handwritten. This medium is portable, easy to use, well understood by users, and with a little care, a durable method of recording. The incorporation of high-throughput screening (HTS) and high-throughput synthesis into the research process has resulted in an increased volume of electronic data that needs to be transcribed resulting in the use of electronic notebooks. Electronic note books allow one to perform searches using combined criteria across text, metadata, chemical structures & reactions and thus mine your knowledge base in a very precise manner. Search results can be exported to create reports.
Laboratory Organizers (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Paddle Blenders (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Plastic ware (5 suppliers)
Laboratory Reagents (4 suppliers)
Laboratory Recyclers (3 suppliers)
Laboratory Refrigerator Freezers (12 suppliers)
Laboratory Refrigerators (7 suppliers)
Laboratory Scales (2 suppliers)
Laboratory services (14 suppliers)
Laboratory Stains (2 suppliers)
Laboratory Storage Security Keypads (1 supplier)
Laboratory Supply Carts (1 supplier)
Laboratory Syringes (4 suppliers)
Laboratory Water Purification Systems (4 suppliers)
Labware Carboys (3 suppliers)
Labware Condensers (4 suppliers)
Labware Handling Products (10 suppliers)
Labware, Alumina (3 suppliers)
Labware, PTFE (9 suppliers)
Labware, Safety Coated (6 suppliers)
Labware, Teflon (7 suppliers)
Laccase (4 suppliers)
Lachrymator Analysis (2 suppliers)
Lactalbumin Hydrolysate (powdered) (2 suppliers)
Lactase (4 suppliers)
201 to 250 of 944 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 [5] 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 >> Next 50 Results
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