Assay Designs, Inc.

Address: 5777 Hines Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108, USA
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Profile: Assay Designs, Inc. manufactures antibodies, proteins, multibeads, immunoassay kits and detection kits. We provide kits in a variety of assay formats including colorimetric enzyme immunoassay, activity assay, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, activation assay, detection assay, fluorescent polarization immunoassay and chemiluminescent immunoassay. We offer natural & recombinant proteins for cell signaling, heat shock, inflammation, oxidative stress, neuroscience, and bioenergetics. These proteins are applicable for western blotting & ELISA, as well as kinase, inhibition & activity assays. We also do custom immunoassay development and custom bulk reagents & conjugation.

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• 11 dehydro TXB2 ELISA / EIA Kits• 13(S) HODE ELISA Kits• Anti Mouse Immunohistochemistry Kits (Peroxidase)
• Arg8 Vasopressin ELISA Kits• Avidin / Streptavidin Conjugates• Biotin Acridinium Esters
• cAMP Assay Kits• cGMP ELISA Kits• Chemiluminescent Labeling Reagents
• Colorimetric Caspase Assay Kits• Complement Cascade ELISA Kits• Corticosterone ELISA Kits
• Cortisol ELISA Kits• Cyclooxygenase (COX) Assay Kits• Fluorometric Caspase Assay Kits
• GLP ELISA / EIA• HETE ELISA Kits• Human Apoptosis ELISA Kits
• Human Beta Catenin ELISA Kits• Human BRCA 1 ELISA Kits• Human COX ELISA Kits
• Human DHEA ELISA / EIA Kits• Human ECM ELISA Kits• Human Endothelin EIA Kits
• Human ERK 12 ELISA Kits• Human Gastrin I ELISA Kits• Human Growth Factor ELISA Kits
• Human GSK ELISA Kits• Human Hydroxyprogesterone ELISA Kits• Human Interleukin ELISA Kits
• Human JNK ELISA Kits• Human Leptin ELISA Kits• Human Myeloperoxidase ELISA Kits
• Human p21 ELISA Kits• Human p27 ELISA Kits• Human p53 ELISA Kits
• Human SmacDIABLO ELISA Kits• Human Tumor Necrosis Factor ELISA Kits• Human VEGF ELISA Kits
• Human XIAP ELISA Kits• Hydrogen Peroxide Assay Kits• IGF ELISA Kits
• Kinase Assay Kits• Leukotriene ELISA Kits• Luciferin & Luciferase Substrates
• Major Basic Protein ELISA Kits• MEK 12 ELISA Kits• Mouse Chemokine ELISA Kits
• Mouse Growth Factor ELISA Kits• Mouse Immunoglobulin ELISA Quantitation Kits• Mouse Interleukin ELISA Kits
• Mouse Leptin ELISA Kits• Mouse Osteopontin ELISA Kits• Mouse SAA ELISA Kits
• Mouse Tau ELISA Kits• Mouse TNF ELISA Kits• Nitric Oxide Assay Kits
• Oxytocin ELISA Kits• p38 (p38 MAPK) ELISA Kits• p38 Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) Activa...
• PARP ELISA Kits• Phospo specific ELISA Kits• Prostaglandin ELISA Kits
• Protein A Acridinium Esters• Protein A ELISA Kits• Protein G Acridinium Esters
• Protein G ELISA Kits• Rat Chemokine ELISA Kits• Rat Endothelin ELISA / EIA Kits
• Rat Growth Factor ELISA Kits• Rat IL 1 ra ELISA Kits• Rat Leptin ELISA Kits
• Rat MISAMH ELISA Kits• Rat Osteopontin ELISA / EIA Kits• Rat PYY ELISA Kits
• Rat TNF Andalpha ELISA / EIA Kits• SmacDIABLO Flow Cytometry Kits• Specific IHC Staining Kits
• sPLA 2 Activity ELISA Kits• Substance P ELISA / EIA Kits• Survivin Flow Cytometry Kits
• Testosterone ELISA / EIA Kits• Thromboxane B2 ELISA / EIA Kits• Urinary Prostacyclin ELISA Kits

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