Eno Gene Biotech Co. Ltd

Contact: Lai Shen - CTO
Address: No. 282 Hanzhong Road, B3-211, Nanjing 210029, China
Phone: +86-(25)-8661-6616 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Eno Gene Biotech Co. Ltd is a biological corporation that specializes in developing and producing antibody related products for biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology & other reagents in general laboratory use. Our products include monoclonal, polyclonal, tag, internal control and pathological antibodies. We provide researchers with biotech services, like peptide synthesis, monoclonal antibody development, polyclonal antibody development and antibody validation. We focus on transferring and developing research findings to reagent products. We develop a variety of proprietary technologies, which allow us to provide custom synthetic peptides and custom antibody. We also provide additional services to evaluate the application of antibodies on immunoprecipitation, western blotting & immunohistochemistry on normal and disease tissues.

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• ADD1 (Phospho-Ser726) Antibody• AFX (Phospho-Ser197) Antibody• Akt (Phospho-Ser473) Antibody
• Akt (Phospho-Thr308) Antibody• Akt Pathway Sampler Kit• Antibiotic, Miscellaneous Antibiotics
• Antibody Fragmentation Products• Antibody Production Devices• Antibody Production Reagents
• Apoptosis Phosphorylation Sampler Kit• Apoptosis Sampler Kit• ATF2 (Phospho-Ser62 or 44) Antibody
• ATM (Phospho-Ser1981) Antibody• BAD (Ab-112) Antibody• BAD (Phospho-Ser112) Antibody
• BAD (Phospho-Ser155) Antibody• Bcr (Phospho-Tyr177) Antibody• Beta Tubulin Antibody
• Beta-Actin antibody• BIM (Phospho-Ser69/65) Antibody• BRCA1 (Phospho-Ser1524) Antibody
• CDC2 (Phospho-Thr161) Antibody• CDK2 (Phospho-Thr160) Antibody• Cell Cycle Phosphorylation Sampler Kit
• Cell Cycle Related Antibodies• Cell Cycle Sampler Kit• Cell Motility Phosphorylation Sampler Kit
• Cell Motility Sampler Kit• Channel Phosphorylation Sampler Kit• Chk1 (Phospho-Ser345) Antibody
• Chromatin Phosphorylation Sampler Kit• Custom Antibody Production Services• EGFR (Phospho-Tyr1092) Antibody
• EGFR (Phospho-Tyr1172) Antibody• Elk-1 (Ab-383) Antibody• Elk1 (Phospho-Ser389) Antibody
• Epitope Tag and Reporter Specific Antibodies• Estrogen Receptor (6F11) Monoclonal Antibody• Estrogen Receptor-α (Phospho-Ser104) Antibod...
• Estrogen Receptor-α (Phospho-Ser106) Antibod...• Estrogen Receptor-α (Phospho-Ser167) Antibod...• FKHR (Phospho-Ser256) Antibody
• FKHR (Phospho-Ser319) Antibody• Flag-Tag Polyclonal Antibody• Fusion Tag Antibodies
• G3BP-1 (Phospho-Ser232) Antibody• GAPDH Monoclonal Antibody• GAPDH Polyclonal Antibody
• GATA1 (Ab-142) Antibody• GATA1 (Phospho-Ser142) Antibody• GFP Tag Antibody
• Growth and Differentiation Phosphorylation Sampler...• GSK3 (Phospho-Tyr216) Antibody• GST-Tag Polyclonal Antibody
• HA-Tag Mouse Monoclonal Antibody• HDAC5 (Phospho-Ser498) Antibody• HDAC8 (Phospho-Ser39) Antibody
• HER2 (Phospho-Tyr1248) Antibody• HER2 (Phospho-Tyr877) Antibody• His-Tag Monoclonal Antibody
• His-Tag Polyclonal Antibody• Histone H3.1 (Phospho-Ser10) Antibody• HSP27(Phospho-Ser78) Antibody
• IGF-1R (Phospho-Tyr1161) Antibody• Integrin Pathway Sampler Kit• Integrin 3 (Phospho-Tyr773) Antibody
• JAK1 (Phospho-Tyr1022) Antibody• JAK2 (Phospho-Tyr221) Antibody• JunB (Phospho-Ser259) Antibody
• JunD (Phospho-Ser255) Antibody• LIMK1 (Phospho-Thr508) Antibody• LIMK2 (Phospho-Thr505) Antibody
• MAPK Pathway Sampler Kit• MEF2A (Ab-319) Antibody• MEK-2 (Phospho-Thr394) Antibody
• MEK1 (Phospho-Ser217) Antibody• MKK3 (Phospho-Ser189) Antibody• MKK6 (Phospho-Ser207) Antibody
• Monoclonal Antibody Production• Myc (Phospho-Thr358) Antibody• Myc-Tag Polyclonal Antibody
• NFκB Pathway Sampler Kit• NFκB-p65 (Phospho-Ser536) Antibody• p53 (Phospho-Ser15) Antibody
• p53 (Phospho-Ser315) Antibody• Paxillin (Phospho-Tyr118) Antibody• PDK1 (Ab-241) Antibody
• Phospho-AKT Pathway Sampler Kit• Phospho-ATF2 Sampler Kit• Phospho-ATM Sampler Kit
• Phospho-c-Jun Sampler Kit• Phospho-EGFR Sampler Kit• Phospho-Estrogen Receptor-α Sampler Kit
• Phospho-GSK-3a Polyclonal Ab• Phospho-GSK-3b Polyclonal Ab• Phospho-HER2 Sampler Kit
• Phospho-Integrin Pathway Sampler Kit• Phospho-IRS-1 Sampler Kit• Phospho-JAK Sampler Kit
• Phospho-JAK/STAT Pathway Sampler Kit

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