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Address: 1675 Bustleton Pike, Feasterville, Pennsylvania 19053, USA
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Profile: Monomer-Polymer and Dajac Labs offers a broad range of specialty monomers and polymers. We have expertise in acrylates, fluorinated monomers, silicon-containing monomers and polymer development.

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• 1,1'-Dianthrimide• 1,1'-Diethyl-2,2'-Carbocyanine Iodide• 1,2,5-Trihydroxy Pentane
• 1,2-Diaminocyclohexane mixed isomers• 1,3,5-Triphenyl-2-Pyrazoline• 1,3-Dicyclohexylure
• 1,4-Diaminocyclohexane• 1,4-Naphthoquinone-2-Sulfonic Acid, Potassium Salt• 1-Allyl-2-Thiourea
• 1-Hydroxy-1-Cyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone• 1-Hydroxy-2-Naphthoic Acid• 1-Naphthol Sublimed
• 1-Naphthyl Acetate• 1-Naphthyl Acid Phosphate, Sodium Salt• 1-Naphthylamine
• 2,3,4 Triphenyltetrazolium Formazan• 2,3,5-Triphenyl Tetrazolium Bromide• 2,3-Dichloro-1,4-Naphthoquinone
• 2,4,5,7-Tetrabromofluorescein, Sodium Salt• 2,4,7-Trinitrofluorenone• 2,4-Dinitrofluorobenzene
• 2,6-Dichloroquinone Chloroimide• 2,6-Dichlroro-4-t-Octyl Phenol• 2-(4-Hydroxyphenylazo) Benzoic Acid
• 2-Amino-2-Methyl-1,3-Propanediol• 2-Amino-2-Methyl-1-Propanol• 2-Diazo-1-Naphthol-5-Sulfonic Acid, Sodium Salt
• 2-Ketobutyric Acid• 2-Methyl Valeric Acid• 2-Naphthol Sublimed
• 2-Naphthyl Acid Phosphate, Sodium Salt• 2-Naphthyl Benzoate• 2-Naphthyl Caprylate
• 2-Naphthyl Myristate Naphthol Free• 2-Naphthyl Palmitate Naphthol Free• 2-Naphthyl Stearate
• 2-Nitro-2-Methyl-1,3-Propanediol• 2-Nitrophenyl-beta-D-Galactopyranoside• 2-Pyridyl Acetonitrile
• 3,5-Dinitrobenzoyl Chloride• 3-Hydroxy-2-Naphthoic Acid, Hydrazide• 3-Methyl-2-Butenal
• 3-Methylthiopropionic Acid• 3-Pyridyl Acetonitrile• 4,4-Diphenylsemicarbazide
• 4,5-Dibromofluorescein Free Acid• 4-Aminobutyric acid• 4-Aminodiphenylamine, Diazotized
• 4-Benzoylamino-2,5-Dimethoxyaniline, Diazonium Sal...• 4-Chloromercuribenzoate, Sodium Salt• 4-Nitrophenyl Acetate
• 4-Nitrophenyl Laurate• 4-Nitrophenyl Phosphate, Disodium Salt, Hexahydrat...• 4-Nitrophenyl Sulfate, Potassium Salt
• 4-Pyridyl Acetonitrile Hydrochloride• 5-Bromoindoxyl Acetate• 5-Sulfosalicylic Acid Dihydrate
• 6-Benzoyl-2-Naphthyl Phosphate, Sodium Salt• 6-Benzoyl-2-Naphthyl Sulfate, Potassium Salt• 6-Benzyladenine
• 6-Bromo-2-Carbonaphthoxycholine Iodide• 6-Bromo-2-Naphthol Purified• 6-Bromo-2-Naphthyl Acetate
• 6-Bromo-2-Naphthyl Sulfate, Potassium Salt• 6-Bromo-2-Naphthyl-alpha-D-Glucopyranoside• 6-Bromo-2-Naphthyl-beta-D-Galactopyranoside
• 6-Bromo-2-Naphthyl-beta-D-Glucopyranoside• 6-Bromo-2-Naphthyl-beta-D-Glucuronide• 6-Hydroxy-2-Naphthyl Disulfide
• Acetoguanamine• Acetylcholine Chloride• Acetylcholine Iodide
• Acetylcholine Perchlorate• Acetylthiocholine Iodide• Acid Fuchsin, Sodium Salt
• Acridine Orange Hemi-Zinc Chloride Salt• Adenosine Triphosphate, Disodium Salt• Alpha-D-Lactose monohydrate
• Alpha-Naphthyl Acid Phosphate• Anthraquinone-1-Diazonium Chloride FR Salt• Anthrone
• Artemisinin• Astra Blue• Auramine O
• Azulene• Azure A• Azure B
• Azure C• Basic Fuchsin see Rosaniline• Basic Violet No. 4
• Benzenesulfonyl Chloride Refined Grade• Benzoguanamine• Benzoylthiocholine Iodide
• Benzyl Chloroformate• Benzyl Chloroformate Benzene Free• Benzyl Lactate
• beta-Carbonaphthoxycholine Iodide• Beta-D-Lactose• Blue Tetrazolium Diformazan
• Brilliant Cresyl Blue

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