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Beckman Coulter, Inc. (CA, USA) USA Labcyte, Inc. (CA, USA) USA
Molecular Devices, Inc. (CA, USA) USA AutoMate Scientific, Inc. (CA, USA) USA
American Laboratory Trading LLC (CT, USA) USA Zinsser Analytic (CA, USA) USA
Sirna Therapeutics, Inc. (CO, USA) USA Tecan Systems, Inc. (CA, USA) USA
Creative Automation Company (CA, USA) USA Biosero, LLC. (CA, USA) USA
Apricot Designs, Inc. (CA, USA) USA Titertek Instruments (AL, USA) USA
EDC Biosystems, Inc. (CA, USA) USA Scientific Support, Inc. (CA, USA) USA
ArrowLeaf Research (OR, USA) USA ImmunoSite Technologies LLC (FL, USA) USA
Canadian Life Science Inc. (USA) USA Molecular Depot LLC (CA, USA) USA
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