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Profile: BioLegend manufactures antibodies & reagents for biomedical research. Our product areas include cell immunophenotyping, cytokines & chemokines, adhesion, cancer research, T regulatory cells, stem cells, innate immunity, cell-cycle analysis, apoptosis, and modification-specific antibodies. Our product development program produces strategic reagents for use in a variety of applications, which include Elisa, immunoprecipitation, western blotting, immunofluorescence microscopy, immunohistochemistry, and in vitro/in vivo functional assays. We supply second step reagents, isotype controls, buffers, solutions, substrates and media additives. We also offer fluorochrome conjugates for multi-color flow cytometry.

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• Anti-Human CD3-biotinylated• Antibodies to Chemokine• Antibodies to Cytokines
• APC Anti-Human CD42b• APC Anti-Human CD62L• APC Anti-Human/Mouse Integrin A7
• APC Anti-Mouse/Human CD44• Avidin / Streptavidin Conjugates• Avidin / Streptavidin Enzymes
• Bacterial Viability Cytotoxicity Stains• Biotin Anti-human α/β T Cell Receptor A...• Biotin Anti-Human A2-Microglobulin
• Biotin Anti-human CD101 (BB27) Antibody• Biotin Anti-Human CD102• Biotin Anti-human CD102 Antibody
• Biotin Anti-Human CD104• Biotin Anti-Human CD107a (LAMP-1)• Biotin Anti-human CD11a Antibody
• Biotin Anti-human CD11b Antibody• Biotin Anti-Human CD11c• Biotin Anti-human CD11c Antibody
• Biotin Anti-human CD150 (SLAM) Antibody• Biotin Anti-human CD154 Antibody• Biotin Anti-human CD18 Antibody
• Biotin Anti-Human CD229 (Ly-9)• Biotin Anti-human CD25 Antibody• Biotin Anti-human CD27 Antibody
• Biotin Anti-human CD28 Antibody• Biotin Anti-human CD3 Antibody• Biotin Anti-human CD319 (CRACC) Antibody
• Biotin Anti-human CD349 (Frizzled-9) Antibody• Biotin Anti-human CD39 Antibody• Biotin Anti-human CD4 Antibody
• Biotin Anti-human CD45RA Antibody• Biotin Anti-human CD45RO Antibody• Biotin Anti-Human CD51/61
• Biotin Anti-human CD69 Antibody• Biotin Anti-human CD74 Antibody• Biotin Anti-human CD80 Antibody
• Biotin Anti-Human CD84• Biotin Anti-human CD84 Antibody• Biotin Anti-human CD86 Antibody
• Biotin Anti-human CD8a Antibody• Biotin Anti-Human Cutaneous Lymphocyte Antigen (CL...• Biotin Anti-human HLA-DR Antibody
• Biotin Anti-human IL-10 Antibody• Biotin Anti-human IL-13 Antibody• Biotin Anti-human IL-17A Antibody
• Biotin Anti-human IL-2 Antibody• Biotin Anti-human IL-4 Antibody• Biotin Anti-Human IL-8
• Biotin Anti-human IL-8 Antibody• Biotin Anti-human TNF-α Antibody• Biotin Anti-Human/Mouse Integrin A7
• Biotin Anti-human/mouse Integrin 7 Antibody• Biotin Anti-Mouse Pnad• Biotin Anti-Mouse/Human CD44
• Biotin Anti-mouse/human CD44 Antibody• Biotin Anti-Mouse/Human Galectin-3 (Mac-2)• Biotin Armenian Hamster IgG Isotype Control
• Biotin Mouse IgG1, κ Isotype Control• Biotin Mouse IgG2b, κ Isotype Control• Biotin Mouse IgM, κ Isotype Control
• Biotin Rat IgG1, κ Isotype Control• Biotin Syrian Hamster IgG Isotype Control• CA 125 ELISA Kit, Single
• CA 15-3 ELISA Kit, Single• CA 19-9 ELISA Kit, Single• Diluent Solutions
• FITC Anti-human α/β T Cell Receptor Ant...• FITC Anti-Human CD104• FITC Anti-Human CD105
• FITC Anti-Human CD107a (LAMP-1)• FITC Anti-human CD18 Antibody• FITC Anti-human CD25 Antibody
• FITC Anti-human CD27 Antibody• FITC Anti-human CD28 Antibody• FITC Anti-human CD3 Antibody
• FITC Anti-human CD39 Antibody• FITC Anti-human CD4 Antibody• FITC Anti-human CD45RA Antibody
• FITC Anti-human CD45RO Antibody• FITC Anti-human CD62L Antibody• FITC Anti-human CD69 Antibody
• FITC Anti-human CD74 Antibody• FITC Anti-human CD80 Antibody• FITC Anti-human CD8a Antibody
• FITC Anti-Human Cutaneous Lymphocyte Antigen (CLA)• FITC Anti-human HLA-DR Antibody• FITC Anti-Human/Mouse Integrin A7
• FITC Anti-mouse/human CD44 Antibody• FITC Armenian Hamster IgG Isotype Control• FixationPermeablization Reagents
• human GM-CSF• Human Interferon ELISA Kits• Human Interleukin 2
• Human Interleukin 6• Human Interleukin ELISA Kits• Human Interleukin Related Receptors
• Human Interleukin-1 alpha

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