Peninsula Laboratories, LLC

Address: 305 Old County Rd., San Carlos, California 94070, USA
Phone: +001-(650)-801 6090 | Fax: +001-(650)-595 4071 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Peninsula Laboratories, LLC produces biochemicals & offers full service to the pharma and biotech industry. We specialize in the process development & manufacturing of peptides and complex organic molecules as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), as well as innovative biochemicals for research purposes. We offer buserelin, cytokines, goserelin, luteinizing hormone, neuronostatins, amino acid derivatives, resins, linkers and reagents.

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• 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-Carboxylate Deaminase• 2-Isopropylmalate Synthase• 3-Isopropylmalate Dehydrogenase
• 3-Methyl-2-Oxobutanoate 2-Hydroxymethyltransferase• 4-Hydroxymandelate Oxidase• Acetolacetate Synthase
• Acetylglutamate Kinase• Acid Phosphatase• Alanine Racemase
• Aldehyde Reductase• Amidophosphoribosyltransferase• Amino Acids Proteins
• Aminolevulinate Transaminase• Anthrax Lethal Factor• Antibodies, Drugs
• Apoptosis• Apoptosis Reagents• Arginine Decarboxylase
• Arginine Deiminase• Argininesuccinate Synthase• Arginyl Aminopeptidase
• Aromatic L-Amino Acid Decarboxylase• Artificial Immunogens• Aspartate 1-Decarboxylase
• Aspartate Transaminase• Aspartate-Ammonia Ligase• ATP Phosphoribosyltransferase
• Bacterial Leucyl Aminopeptidase• Bioactive Peptides• Biochemical Neurochemicals
• Biochemicals, Peptides• Chorismate Mutase• Custom Antibody Production Services
• Custom Conjugation Services• Custom Immunology Services• Cyclohexadienyl Dehydrogenase
• Cysteine Synthase• Cystinyl Aminopeptidase• Cytokines
• Cytosol Nonspecific Dipeptidase• D-Alanine 2-Hydroxymethyltransferase• D-Alanine Transaminase
• D-Alanine-Alanyl-Poly (Glycerolphosphate) Ligase• Diaminopimelate Decarboxylase• Dihydrodipicolinate Synthase
• DNA-Directed RNA Polymerase• Endopeptidase K• Enzyme Substrate Peptides
• Enzyme Substrates• Farnesyl-Diphosphate Farnesyltransferase• Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) Protease
• Formiminoglutamase• Formylmethionine Deformylase• Gluconate Dehydratase
• Glutamate Decarboxylase• Glutamine-Fructose-6-Phosphate Transaminase (Isome...• Glutamyl Aminopeptidase
• Glutathionylspermidine (GSP) Synthetase• Glycine Amidinotransferase• Glycine Hydroxymethyltransferase
• Gramicidin S Synthetase 2• Growth Factors• Growth Factors
• HCV Core Protein Sequences• HCV NS3 Protease Inhibitor• HCV NS4A Protein Fragments
• Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) 3C Protease• Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) NS3 Protease• Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Peptides
• Histidine Ammonia-Lyase• Histidine Decarboxylase• Histidinol Dehydrogenase
• HIV Protease Inhibitors• HIV Protease Substrates• Homocysteine S-Methyltransferase
• Homoserine Dehydrogenase• HSV-1 Proteinase Substrates• Hydroxyacylglutathione Hydrolase
• Immunoassays• Immunochemicals, Immunoglobulins• Immunostaining
• Interferons• Interleukins• Isoleucine tRNA Ligase
• Isoprenylated Protein Endoprotease• L-Arabinose Isomerase• Lactoylglutathione Lyase
• Leucyl Endopeptidase• Lysine 6-Transaminase• Lysine Carboxypeptidase
• Lysosomal Pro-X Carboxypeptidase• Lysyl Endopeptidase• Meiosis-Activated Myelin Basic Protein Kinase
• Melanin-Concentrating Hormone Antagonist• Membrane Alanyl Aminopeptidase• Membrane Dipeptidase
• Membrane Metalloendopeptidase• Methionine tRNA Ligase• Morphine Modulating Neuropeptides
• Myosin-Light-Chain Kinase

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