US Biomax, Inc.

Address: 1100 Taft St., P.O. Box 1854, Rockville, Maryland 20850, USA
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Profile: US Biomax, Inc. offers tissue arrays, antibodies and antigens. We offer a wide range of products which include tissue microarray slides, antibody arrays, tissue bank, paraffin embedded tissues, frozen tissues and telomerase kit. Our human cytokine microarray kit is a protein array kit, which is designed to screen diverse biological samples such as cell lysates, serum, plasma and tissue culture supernatants. We provide immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) service for tissue array experiments. We also offer cardiovascular and angiogenesis protein array services.

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• AKT Pathway Phospho Antibody Array• Anti Human Androgen Receptor• Anti Human Bone Sialoprotein
• Anti-A Antigen Monoclonal Antibody• Anti-Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV), VP 1 Monoclonal...• Anti-Adenovirus Ad1 E11-Antigen
• Anti-Adipophilin• Anti-Alcohol Dehydrogenase• Anti-Alkaline Phosphatase
• Anti-Alpha-L-Fucosidase• Anti-Benzodiazepines Polyclonal Antibody• Anti-Beta Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
• Anti-Bovine Cardiac Troponin T• Anti-Bovine Gamma-1 Globulin• Anti-Follicle Stimulating Hormone
• Anti-Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Monoclonal...• Anti-Gentamycin Monoclonal Antibody• Anti-Glycophorin A (Cytoplasmic domain)
• Anti-Growth Hormone Receptor• Anti-Hepatitis A Virus, monoclonal, mouse• Anti-Hepatitis B virus Core antigen, monoclonal, m...
• Anti-Hepatitis B Virus, monoclonal, mouse• Anti-Human Luteinizing Hormone• Anti-Human Plasminogen
• Anti-Human Proinsulin Monoclonal Antibody• Anti-human Prolactin Monoclonal Antibody• Anti-Human Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Monoclo...
• Anti-Human Rheumatoid Factor Monoclonal Antibody• Anti-Human Thyroid Peroxidase Monoclonal Antibody• Anti-Human Transferrin Monoclonal Antibody
• Anti-Influenza Virus Type A, monoclonal, mouse• Anti-Kappa Light Chains Monoclonal Antibody• Anti-Lactate Dehydrogenase
• Anti-Legionella pneumophila Membrane Antigen• Anti-Leukocyte Common Antigen• Anti-Lung Cancer-Associated Antigen
• Anti-Lung Resistance-Related Protein• Anti-Melanoma Associated Antigen• Anti-Mouse Heat Stable Antigen
• Anti-Mycoplasma pneumoniae• Anti-Nucleolar Helicase• Antibody Array Assay Kit
• Apoptosis Antibody Array• Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme) Antigen• Brain Glioblastoma Tissue Array
• Cancer Antigen 125• Cancer Marker Antibody Array• Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)
• Cardiac Myoglobin• Cell Cycle Antibody Array• Cell Cycle Phospho Antibody Array
• Cell Signaling Antibody Microarrays• Chlamydia trachomatis Antigen• Chromatin/Transcription Phospho Antibody Array
• Cytokine Related Antibody Array• Cytoskeletal Pathway Phospho Antibody Array• Esophagus Adenocarcinoma and Normal Tissue Array
• Heart Tissue Array• Hematopoiesis Antibody Array• Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Subtype ad
• HIV-1 envelope 131 antigen• Hormone Antibody Array• Human Angiogenesis Antibody Microarrays
• Human Cardiovascular Disease Tissue Arrays• Human Chemokine Antibody Microarrays• Human Cytokine Antibody Microarrays
• Human Cytokine Flow Cytometry Kits• Human Neuro Trial Array (normal brain tissues)• Human Tissue Slides (Disease Specific)
• Insulin/Glucose Phospho Antibody Array• Liver Carcinoma (Combination of Marginal and Norma...• Lung Adenocarcinoma Tissue Array
• Lymphoma Tissue Array• MAPK Pathway Phospho Antibody Array• Monoclonal Anti-Amphetamine
• Monoclonal Anti-Bromodeoxyuridine• Monoclonal Anti-C-Peptide• Monoclonal Anti-Candida albicans
• Monoclonal Anti-Carbamazepine• Monoclonal Anti-Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydro...• Monoclonal Anti-Gram Negative Endotoxin
• Mouse Angiogenesis Antibody Microarrays• Mouse Anti-Adeno-associated virus (AAV), intact pa...• Mouse Anti-Adenovirus Ad7 C11-antigen Monoclonal A...
• Mouse Anti-Bone Sialoprotein II Monoclonal Antibod...• Mouse Anti-Cyclin D1 Monoclonal Antibody• Mouse Anti-Cyclin D2 Monoclonal Antibody
• Mouse Anti-Cytokeratin 10 Monoclonal Antibody• Mouse Anti-Cytokeratin 13 Monoclonal Antibody• Mouse Anti-Cytokeratin 14 Monoclonal Antibody
• Mouse Anti-Cytokeratin 17 Monoclonal Antibody• Mouse Anti-Cytokeratin 18 Monoclonal Antibody• Mouse Anti-Cytokeratin 19 Monoclonal Antibody
• Mouse Anti-Cytokeratin 4 Monoclonal Antibody• Mouse Anti-Cytokeratin 5 Monoclonal Antibody• Mouse Anti-Cytokeratin 6 Monoclonal Antibody
• Mouse Anti-Cytokeratin 7 Monoclonal Antibody• Mouse Anti-Cytokeratin 8 Monoclonal Antibody• Mouse Anti-Cytokeratin 9 Monoclonal Antibody
• Mouse Anti-Desmocollin 1 Monoclonal Antibody

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