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BIOTECHNOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES products beginning with : F
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Fruit Crops, Prunus (2 suppliers)
Fruit Crops, Strawberry (4 suppliers)
Fruit Crops, Tomato (2 suppliers)
Fruit Crops, Watermelon (2 suppliers)
FSH ELISA Kit, Single (1 supplier)
FSH Free Human Serum (2 suppliers)
FSHB Antibody (2 suppliers)
FSTL1 Antibody (2 suppliers)
FT Infra Red Analysis (3 suppliers)
Infrared (IR) spectroscopy is well established as a valuable technique for assessing protein secondary structure in solutions. One particular form of IR spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), has become an especially preferred form of IR spectroscopy for the study of protein secondary structure. FTIR has great utility in the rapid determination of secondary structure because it offers accurate, high-resolution spectra with excellent sensitivity & signal-to-noise (S/N) ratios, as compared to other forms of infrared spectroscopy. Over the last thirty years, these properties of FTIR have been increasingly recognized and FTIR has developed into a reliable & accurate technique for the identification of structural features of a variety of samples, including protein secondary structure. The possibility of Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy to assess the overall molecular composition of microbial cells in a non-destructive manner is reflected in the specific spectral fingerprints highly typical for different microorganisms. With the objective of using FT-IR spectroscopy for discrimination between diverse microbial species and strains on a routine basis, a wide range of chemometrics techniques need to be applied.
FT Infra Red Spectrometer Softwares (PerkinElmer) (3 suppliers)
FT IR Imaging Systems (3 suppliers)
FT IR Microscopes (4 suppliers)
FT-IR (21 suppliers)
FT3 ELISA Kit, Single (1 supplier)
FT4 ELISA Kit, Single (1 supplier)
FTH1 Antibody (2 suppliers)
FTIR (10 suppliers)
FTO Antibody (2 suppliers)
Full DNA Sequencing Analysis (2 suppliers)
Full-length cDNA Cloning Services (3 suppliers)
Fumarase (2 suppliers)
Fumaric Acid (2 suppliers)
Fume Absorbers (2 suppliers)
Fume Hood Monitors (18 suppliers)
Fume Hoods (60 suppliers)
Fume Hoods, Ductless Filtering (30 suppliers)
Fumes Remover (18 suppliers)
Fume scrubbers are optimally designed to save space, as well as provide effective air pollution control and operator safety protection for fume hoods. This is especially important for perchloric acid fume hoods, so as to prevent a build-up of potentially explosive perchlorate salts on the exhaust fan, as well as on the exhaust ducting system. Contaminated exhaust fumes from the fume hood enters the unit, passes through the packed bed (bottom filter), then through the liquid spray section, a mist eliminator (top filter), then into the exhaust system for release to the building exterior. The scrubbing liquor is collected in the reservoir in the bottom section and is recirculated by the pump back to be used in the liquid spray section. The exhaust fumes and the scrubbing liquor pass in a counter current fashion, resulting in efficient gas/liquid contact.
Fumitremorgin C (2 suppliers)
Fumonisin B1 (1 supplier)
Functional IGFBP-3 ALICIA (1 supplier)
Functional Proteomics (5 suppliers)
Functionalized Custom Quantum Dots (2 suppliers)
Functionalized Phospholipids (3 suppliers)
Fungal Acid Protease (3 suppliers)
Fungal Alpha Amylase Enzyme (6 suppliers)
Fungal Amylase (5 suppliers)
Fungal Amylase Liquid (2 suppliers)
Fungal Biopesticide (7 suppliers)
Fungal Diastase (3 suppliers)
Fungal Glucan Detection Kits (2 suppliers)
Fungal Identification Services (3 suppliers)
Fungal Immunodiffusion System (2 suppliers)
Fungal Lactase (7 suppliers)
Fungal Lipase (4 suppliers)
Fungal Protease Concentrate (2 suppliers)
Fungal Protease Enzyme (5 suppliers)
Fungal Tubulins (2 suppliers)
Fungal Xylanase Enzyme (2 suppliers)
Fungi DNA Preparation Kit (2 suppliers)
Fungi DNA Purification Kit (2 suppliers)
1001 to 1050 of 1087 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 20 [21] 22 >> Next 50 Results
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