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BIOTECHNOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES products beginning with : W
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Walk-in Biological Safety Cabinets (2 suppliers)
Walk-in Cooler & Walk-in Freezer Shelves & Racks (2 suppliers)
Walk-in Coolers Walk-in Freezers Replacement Doors (2 suppliers)
Walk-In Plant Growth Chambers (5 suppliers)
Wall Mounting Stand with Fixing Screw (2 suppliers)
Wall-Mount Glove Dispensers (2 suppliers)
Wash and Blot Station (2 suppliers)
Washed Pooled Cells (2 suppliers)
Washers, Automatic (8 suppliers)
Washers, Glassware (12 suppliers)
Washing Machines, Labware (8 suppliers)
Waste Treatment Enzymes (2 suppliers)
Wastewater Treatment (13 suppliers)
Watch Glass (2 suppliers)
Water and Oil resistant Filter Bag (2 suppliers)
Water Bath Aids (2 suppliers)
Water Bath Biocide (3 suppliers)
Water Bath Circulator (5 suppliers)
Water Bath w/Sensor and Heater (2 suppliers)
Water Baths (21 suppliers)
Water Chromatography (2 suppliers)
Water Circulating Pump Assembly (2 suppliers)
Water DNA Isolation Kit (3 suppliers)
Water Jacket Humidified CO2 Incubator (1 supplier)
Water Jacketed Laboratory CO2 Incubators (2 suppliers)
Water Level Sensor Assembly (2 suppliers)
Water Purification System (8 suppliers)
Water Purification System Replacement Cartridges (2 suppliers)
Water Purification, Ultraviolet (15 suppliers)
Water Purification, Water Samplers (4 suppliers)
Water Purification, Water Stills (3 suppliers)
Water Reuse with Biofiltration Modules (2 suppliers)
Water Soluble Fertilizers (5 suppliers)
Water Treatment Filters (24 suppliers)
Water Ultrafiltration (18 suppliers)
Water use Efficient Crops (2 suppliers)
Water-Insoluble Elastomeric Polyelectrolyte (2 suppliers)
Water-soluble Fluorescent Pigments (1 supplier)
Watercress Leaf (2 suppliers)
Wavelength Calibration Systems (2 suppliers)
WB Antibody Cocktails (2 suppliers)
Weak Anion HPLC Columns (4 suppliers)
Wee1 Blocking Peptide (1 supplier)
Wee1 Polyclonal Antibody (1 supplier)
WEHI 164 Cells (2 suppliers)
Weigh Dishes, Aluminum (12 suppliers)
Weighing Bottles (3 suppliers)
Weighing Instrument (12 suppliers)
Load cells work like calibrated springs and can be used for measuring forces or for weighing systems. A force is applied and there is a flexion, there is a Wheatstone bridge with strain gauges that measure this mechanical flexion thence giving a proportional electrical signal. DS Europe manufactures load cells with built-in CE marked electronics with analog or digital outputs. All load cells with non amplified output 2mV/V have a built in calibration circuitry that electrically simulates a known value of force shown in a certificate (making It easy & quick to calibrate with the external electronics getting the signal ). DS Europe load cells and weighing systems allow applications in industrial machines, scales, dynamometers and weighing applications
Weight Calibration (2 suppliers)
Well Human Normal Genomic DNA Plates (2 suppliers)
1 to 50 of 165 results  Page: [1] 2 3 4 >> Next 50 Results
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