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BIOTECHNOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES products beginning with : R
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Reverse Transcription PCR (2 suppliers)
Reverse Transcription System (3 suppliers)
Reverse-Phase High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (2 suppliers)
Reversed Phase Chromatographic Resins for Bimolecular Purification (2 suppliers)
Reversed Phase HPLC Columns (2 suppliers)
Reversible Blotting Stains (4 suppliers)
Reversible Protein Stain Kit (2 suppliers)
RF (Rheumatoid Factor) Positive Human Plasma (3 suppliers)
RF-IgM Semi-Quantitative Test (2 suppliers)
RFP (dsRed) Polyclonal Ab (2 suppliers)
RFP expression vector (1 supplier)
RFP Protein (1 supplier)
RGS3 Polyclonal Antibody (2 suppliers)
rhC1INH (2 suppliers)
Rheometer (2 suppliers)
Rhesus Monkey Interferons (IFNs) (2 suppliers)
Rhesus Monkey Oligo Microarray Kit (3 suppliers)
Rheumatoid Factor (RF) Positive Control (4 suppliers)
Rheumatoid Factor Control Serum (3 suppliers)
Rheumatoid Factor Kit (2 suppliers)
Rhizabium (2 suppliers)
Rhizobacteria are root-colonizing bacteria that form a symbiotic relationship with many legumes. Though parasitic varieties of rhizobacteria exist, the term usually refers to bacteria that form a relationship beneficial for both parties (mutualism). Such bacteria are often referred to as plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, or PGPRs. Though microbial inoculants are indisputably beneficial for crops, they are not widely used in industrial agriculture, as large-scale application techniques have yet to become economically viable. A notable exception is the use of rhizobial inoculants for legumes, such as peas. Inoculation with PGPRs ensure efficient nitrogen fixation, and they have been employed in North American agriculture for over 100 years.
Rhizobium (6 suppliers)
Rho associated coiled coil-containing protein kinase (1 supplier)
Rho kinase 1 (1 supplier)
Rho Kinase alpha Polyclonal Antibody (1 supplier)
Rho Kinase Beta Polyclonal Antibody (2 suppliers)
RhoC Blood Typing Antigen (2 suppliers)
RhoD (Rhesus Antigen) (2 suppliers)
Rhod-2, triammonium salt (2 suppliers)
Rhod-2, tripotassium salt (2 suppliers)
Rhod-2, trisodium salt (2 suppliers)
Rhodamine (19 suppliers)
Rhodamine B (1 supplier)
Rhodamine Green Labeled Nucleotides (2 suppliers)
Rhodamine Labeled Nucleotides (2 suppliers)
Rhodamine Reference Standards (3 suppliers)
Rhodamine Secondary Antibodies (2 suppliers)
Rhodamine Substrates (3 suppliers)
Rhodamine-conjugated Chitin-binding Probe (2 suppliers)
Rhodamine-N-terminal-Ubiquitin (2 suppliers)
Rhodanese (2 suppliers)
Rhodiola Rosea Herbal Extracts (2 suppliers)
rHu Insulin (3 suppliers)
RIA (Radioimmunoassay) (15 suppliers)
Ribavirin (2 suppliers)
Ribavirin is an anti-viral drug which is active against a number of DNA and RNA viruses. It is a member of the nucleoside antimetabolite drugs that interfere with duplication of viral genetic material. Though not effective against all viruses, ribavirin is remarkable as a small molecule for its wide range of activity, including important activities against influenzas, flaviviruses and agents of many viral hemorrhagic fevers.Ribavirin is a pro-drug, meaning that it is a chemical precursor for the actual pharmacologically active molecule. When the pro-drug is administered, the body converts it into the desired chemical. Ribavirin is activated by cellular kinases which change it into the 5' triphosphate nucleotide. The primary observed serious adverse side-effect of ribavirin is hemolytic anemia, which may worsen preexisting cardiac disease. The mechanism for this effect is unknown. It is dose-dependent and may sometimes be compensated by decreasing dose.
Ribavirin (1 supplier)
Ribo Nucleotide Proteins ADP (2 suppliers)
Riboflavin Galactoside (2 suppliers)
Riboflavin-BSA (2 suppliers)
Ribonuclease A (5 suppliers)
2151 to 2200 of 2429 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 40 41 42 43 [44] 45 46 47 48 49 >> Next 50 Results
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