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BIOTECHNOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES products beginning with : H
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Hybrid Cucumber Seeds (2 suppliers)
Hybrid Mice (8 suppliers)
Hybrid Okra Seeds (2 suppliers)
Hybrid Paddy Seeds (6 suppliers)
Hybrid Pearl Millet Seeds (3 suppliers)
Hybrid Plants (3 suppliers)
Hybrid Pumpkin Seeds (2 suppliers)
Hybrid Rats (5 suppliers)
Hybrid Ridge Gourd Seeds (2 suppliers)
Hybrid Seeds (9 suppliers)
Hybrid Seeds, Oil Seeds (3 suppliers)
Hybrid Seeds, Paddy (6 suppliers)
Hybrid Seeds, Pulses (4 suppliers)
Hybrid Seeds, Wheat (5 suppliers)
Hybrid Sorghum Seeds (3 suppliers)
Hybrid Soya Seeds (2 suppliers)
Hybrid Sponge Gourd Seeds (2 suppliers)
Hybrid Starch Products (3 suppliers)
Hybrid Sunflower Seeds (3 suppliers)
Hybrid Sweet Pepper Seeds (2 suppliers)
Hybrid Tomato Seeds (2 suppliers)
Hybrid Water Melon Seeds (2 suppliers)
Hybrid Wheat Seeds (4 suppliers)
Hybridization (12 suppliers)
Hybridization Bag (3 suppliers)
Hybridization Bottle (5 suppliers)
Hybridization Bottle Rack (2 suppliers)
Hybridization Buffer (4 suppliers)
Hybridization Buffer System (3 suppliers)
Hybridization Cassettes / Chambers (17 suppliers)
Hybridization Chamber Spacers (2 suppliers)
Hybridization Chambers (3 suppliers)
Hybridization Cocktails (2 suppliers)
Hybridization Devices Aids (21 suppliers)
Hybridization Mes (2 suppliers)
Hybridization Ovens (17 suppliers)
Hybridization Ovens (20 suppliers)
Hybridization Ovens (13 suppliers)
Hybridization Tube Racks (2 suppliers)
Hybridoma Cell Growth Supplement (3 suppliers)
Hybridoma Cell Lines (5 suppliers)
Hybridoma Culture Services (4 suppliers)
Hybridoma Culture Supplements (5 suppliers)
Hybridoma Development Kit (3 suppliers)
Hybridoma Media (16 suppliers)
Hydrates Of Carbon (19 suppliers)
Carbohydrates (literally hydrates of carbon ) are chemical compounds that act as the primary biological means of storing or consuming energy They are compound of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, the latter two usually in the proportions of water (CH2O)n. They are classified into mono-, di-, tri-, poly- and heterosaccharides. Carbohydrates in food are an important and immediate source of energy for the body; 1 gram of carbohydrate yields 3.75 calories (16 kilojoules). They are present, at least in small quantities, in most foods, but the chief sources are the sugars and starches of plants. Herbivores are able to utilize the insoluble polysaccharides (crude fiber) because of bacterial conversion to volatile fatty acids by fermentation in the rumen and cecum.Carbohydrates may be stored in the body as glycogen for future use. If they are eaten in excessive amounts they are converted to and stored as fat.
Hydraulic Power Sprayers (2 suppliers)
Hydroalcoholic Gel (2 suppliers)
Hydrocortisone (1 supplier)
Hydrogel Coated Slides (2 suppliers)
3251 to 3300 of 3359 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 60 61 62 63 64 65 [66] 67 68 >> Next 50 Results
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