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BIOTECHNOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES products beginning with : M
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Microarray Fabrication, Photolithographic (3 suppliers)
Microarray Hybridization Buffers (7 suppliers)
Microarray Hybridization Chambers (10 suppliers)
Microarray Microscope (2 suppliers)
Microarray Optimization Kits (7 suppliers)
Microarray Prehybridization Buffer (1 supplier)
Microarray Print Heads (1 supplier)
Microarray Printing (2 suppliers)
Microarray Printing Pins (5 suppliers)
Microarray Printing Slides (DNA) (7 suppliers)
Microarray Printing Slides (miRNA) (3 suppliers)
Microarray Printing Slides (Protein) (6 suppliers)
Microarray Processing (5 suppliers)
Microarray Processing & Analysis Services (8 suppliers)
Microarray Production Services (8 suppliers)
Microarray Protein Stains (1 supplier)
Microarray Reader (1 supplier)
Microarray Reagents (3 suppliers)
Microarray Related Kits (1 supplier)
Microarray Replicating Devices (5 suppliers)
Microarray RNA Target Synthesis Kit (T7) (1 supplier)
Microarray Scanner Aids (1 supplier)
Microarray Scanner Software (6 suppliers)
Microarray Scanners (17 suppliers)
Microarray Slide Holders (3 suppliers)
Microarray Slide Hybridization Incubators (1 supplier)
Microarray Slide Imprinter (1 supplier)
Microarray Slide Washing Staining Stations (2 suppliers)
Microarray Slides (2 suppliers)
Microarray Spotting Solutions (3 suppliers)
Microarray Substrates (1 supplier)
Microarray Target Amplification Kit (1 supplier)
Microarray Target Purification Kit (1 supplier)
Microarray Wash Buffer (1 supplier)
MicroarrayISH Slide Chambers (4 suppliers)
Microarrays, Antibody (28 suppliers)
Microarrays, cDNA (17 suppliers)
Microarrays, Peptide (18 suppliers)
Microarrays, Protein (20 suppliers)
Microarrays, RNA (15 suppliers)
Microbe Detection Device (1 supplier)
Microbead Sonicators (1 supplier)
Microbial Air Samplers (6 suppliers)
Microbial cell (3 suppliers)
Individual cells function as a collection of interacting biochemical molecules and molecular machines. Consider single-cell microbes, the simplest self sufficient living organisms. At a macroscopic level they are a small bag of biochemical cytoplasm with little internal structure. Yet microbes create and use the fundamental molecular machinery common to all life (protein synthesis via DNA transcription and ribosomal mRNA translation,regulation of gene expression, membrane control of small molecule transport, signal propagation)to sense the state of their environment and respond appropriately (grow, move, reproduce).Eukaryotic cells execute enhanced versions of these regulatory, metabolic, and signaling networks within structures of rich spatial complexity (organelles, membranes, filaments, etc).Such a picture poses a wide range of challenges for computational cell modeling in which various groups are addressing in different ways. Typically, one key input to all such models is a set of reaction rate equations which specify the biochemistry to be modeled. Each equation has one or more reactants which are converted at a certain rate into one or more products.Complex networks may contain 100s or 1000s of such coupled equations.
Microbial Detection Kit (2 suppliers)
Microbial DNA Isolation Kit (3 suppliers)
Microbial DNA Sample Kit (1 supplier)
Microbial Feed Additives For Agriculture (2 suppliers)
Microbial Fermentation (7 suppliers)
Microbial Filters (8 suppliers)
551 to 600 of 2880 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 [12] 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >> Next 50 Results
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