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BIOTECHNOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES products beginning with : C
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Chaperone Competent Cell (2 suppliers)
Chaperone Plasmid Set (4 suppliers)
CHAPS Detergents (7 suppliers)
CHAPSO Detergents (5 suppliers)
Charcoal (3 suppliers)
Charcoal Agar (4 suppliers)
Charcoal Dextran Stripped Human Serum (3 suppliers)
Charcoal Stripped Newborn Calf Serum (3 suppliers)
Charge Coupled Device (CCD)Cameras (64 suppliers)
ChariotT Protein Delivery Reagent (2 suppliers)
Chart Recorder Paper (2 suppliers)
Chart Recorders (25 suppliers)
ChAT (Choline AcetylTransferase) Antibody (2 suppliers)
CHCHD2 Recombinant Protein (2 suppliers)
CheckMateT Mammalian Two-Hybrid System (2 suppliers)
CHEK1 Antibody (2 suppliers)
Chelating Agarose Beads (3 suppliers)
Chelerythrine Chloride (3 suppliers)
Chemerin Human ELISA Kit (2 suppliers)
Chemical Analysis Services (3 suppliers)
Chemical Biocides (20 suppliers)
Chemical or physical agents that kill or inactivate microorganisms. Chemical biocides can include oxidising and non-oxidising types. Best practice usually involves the use of multiple biocides (both non-oxidising and oxidising) that are rotated periodically to avoid problems with bacteria adjusting to tolerate a particular biocide
Chemical Compounds (5 suppliers)
Chemical Drawing (9 suppliers)
Molecular drawing programs are mostly used to create simple, two-dimensional illustrations for research, lectures, academic publications and similar purposes. The graphic representation of molecular structures is a fundamental language for describing physical reality, on the atomic level, and to accurately represent these images with high precision on a two-dimensional surface. It is an incredibly powerful tool for the process of understanding the nature of the molecule. ChemDraw 9.0, is a great molecular drawing program chalk to draw molecular structures, formulas, mechanisms and reaction pathways. Suddenly, it is possible for almost anyone to electronically produce these important two-dimensional images. ChemDraw has continued to develop in both breadth & depth over the last 20 years, and ChemDraw 9.0 offers an incredibly powerful package that continues to maintain itself as the chemical structure drawing standard
Chemical Engineering (5 suppliers)
Research in the Chemical Engineering focuses on manipulation of cells, DNA, and proteins for applications in biotechnology & clinical medicine. Both theoretical and experimental tools are developed to address current scientific & engineering issues of high societal impact. Current efforts of bioengineering research are in the areas of genomics and metabolic engineering, bioinformatics, biosensors, biomimetic systems, blood flow regulation & artificial blood substitutes. Cutting edge technology, such as DNA microarray and nano fabrication technology are being used in conjunction with mathematical tools to advance bioscience & engineering. Significant progress includes the development of an artificial gene circuit for production of a novel product in E. coli, a hierarchical model for a DNA microarray, discovery of a novel thermostable, chiral-specific enzyme for L-amino acid synthesis, construction of a novel metabolic pathway in E. coli that synthesizes a large variety of important bioactive molecules & discovery of a novel mechanism that regulates blood flow.
Chemical Fertilizers (2 suppliers)
Chemical Information Mining (14 suppliers)
Chemistry has a tradition of ensuring quality through reporting properties & analysis, so every new compound (and many re-synthesised ones) must have published measurements of properties to justify their identity & purity. Because structure predicts properties, the pharmaceutical industry tests many compounds for biological activity for drug discovery. The data in these public publications is a major feedstock for the chemical information industry. Increased availability of large repositories of chemical compounds is creating new challenges and opportunities for the application of data-mining techniques to problems in chemical informatics. Applications of cheminformatics lie in performing virtual high-throughput screening to identify active compounds in a virtual library and predicting structure-activity relationships. Often chemical compounds are represented as graphs where the nodes represent atoms and the edges represent covalent bonds between them. Thus the challenge is to develop techniques capable of answering queries of interest to chemists over large chemical libraries. Such queries include similarity searches, sub-structure queries and finding motifs. Finding motifs can be investigated from two perspectives, one of finding the frequent ones, and the other of finding the significant structures. Algorithms that combine domain knowledge of chemical compounds with computer science techniques to efficiently answer these queries have been developed.
Chemical Inventory Management (17 suppliers)
. Chemical inventory management focuses specifically on controlling the activities involved with chemicals used by the organization. Best practices in chemical inventory management require taking advantage of the latest strategies, such as Pareto analysis, Just in Time (JIT) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) & implementing them in the chemical inventory system. Doing so will enable your organisation to perform effective chemical stock taking. With the increased use of commercial software and the outsourcing of Information technology tasks, many organisations have implemented an off-the-shelf Chemical Inventory System (CIS) solution to ensure that the processes used to manage the chemical inventory are the most effective possible.
Chemical Inventory Management Software (4 suppliers)
Chemical Reaction Monitoring System (2 suppliers)
Chemical Spill Cleanup (21 suppliers)
For chemical spills on a person the following procedure is to be adopted, wash the affected area (skin, eye) with water for 15 min. using the safety shower, eyewash or tap, depending on the location of the contaminated area, remove contaminated clothing, there are disposable overalls available, which can be used as spare clothing, call for help, if required. First Aid personnel can be contacted using the names & phone numbers posted beside the phones & in corridors. Emergency contact numbers are beside the telephones. Complete an accident/incident report form & return it to the Head of School. For a surface spill, clean up a spill wearing chemically resistant gloves, coat, goggles, chemical respirator and, if necessary, call the safety advisor or a member of the technical staff. Spillage absorption granules are available in each laboratory & will soak up spills quickly by simply pouring the granules onto the spill, they will also help absorb some of the smell. The residue from the cleanup should be stored in a container with a lid, which can be sealed, a plastic container may be used if the chemicals do not react with the container. The container should be labeled with a waste label and given to the technician in charge of waste.
Chemical Sterilants (2 suppliers)
Chemical Structure Analysis (13 suppliers)
Chemical Wet Process Stations (2 suppliers)
Chemically Competent Cells (Cloning) (16 suppliers)
Chemically Competent Cells (Expression) (5 suppliers)
Chemically Modified Custom siRNA (2 suppliers)
Chemiluminescence Detection Kit (41 suppliers)
Chemiluminescence Readers (17 suppliers)
Chemiluminescent Detectors (17 suppliers)
Chemiluminescent ELISA Kits (5 suppliers)
Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate A (4 suppliers)
Chemiluminescent Hybridization and Detection Kit (2 suppliers)
Chemiluminescent Labeling Kit (4 suppliers)
Chemiluminescent Labeling Reagents (4 suppliers)
Chemiluminescent Labeling Systems (5 suppliers)
Chemiluminescent Quantitative PCR (QPCR) DNA Damage Analysis Kit (2 suppliers)
Chemiluminescent Reporter Gene Assay (2 suppliers)
Chemiluminescent Substrate Kit (5 suppliers)
Chemiluminescent Substrates (2 suppliers)
Chemiluminescent System for Nucleic Acid Blotting (2 suppliers)
1451 to 1500 of 2811 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 [30] 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 >> Next 50 Results
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