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BIOTECHNOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES products beginning with : V
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V Bottom Microplates (96 well) (6 suppliers)
Vaccine Development (45 suppliers)
Vaccine Testing Service (3 suppliers)
Vaccinia Lister Quantitated Viral DNA (1 supplier)
Vaccinia Virus Antibody (2 suppliers)
Vaccinia Virus Antibody (Biotin) (2 suppliers)
Vacuset and Vacubottle (3 suppliers)
Vacutainer® Collection Tube (2 suppliers)
Vacutainer® is a registered trademark of Becton, Dickinson and Company
Vacuum Aspirator 8-Channel Adapter (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Aspirators (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Blotting Pump (3 suppliers)
Vacuum Concentrators (11 suppliers)
Vacuum Devices Aids (11 suppliers)
Vacuum Flask (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Manifold Aids (4 suppliers)
Vacuum Manifolds (10 suppliers)
Vacuum Pickup (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Protection Filters (3 suppliers)
Vacuum Pumps (16 suppliers)
Vacuum Systems (2 suppliers)
Vagina (Human) Cytoplasmic Lysate - Adult Normal Tissue (2 suppliers)
Vagina (Human) Normal Tissue Slides (2 suppliers)
Vagina Lupus Lysate (2 suppliers)
Vagina Lysate (2 suppliers)
Vagina Membrane Lupus Lysate (2 suppliers)
Vagina Membrane Lysate (2 suppliers)
Vagina Nuclear Lupus Lysate (2 suppliers)
Vagina Nuclear Lysate (2 suppliers)
Valerian Root (2 suppliers)
Valeriana Wallichi (1 supplier)
Valeric Acid Antibody (2 suppliers)
Valeric Acid Conjugate (2 suppliers)
Valeric Acid-BSA (2 suppliers)
Valeryl Coenzyme A, Lithium Salt (3 suppliers)
Validated Human Antibodies and siRNA/Western Blot Kits (2 suppliers)
Validation Printer (2 suppliers)
Validation Printer Ribbon (2 suppliers)
Validation Services (76 suppliers)
Validation is of paramount importance in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices industries. The person creates what he or she thinks is the best work, frames it & places it in the gallery to be shown. But, it should fulfill regulatory obligations and comply with internal quality requirements. The degree of validation performed must be based on code complexity, consumer base and carefully assessed risk factors. Regulatory agencies, such as the US FDA have long established validation as a core requirement of quality assurance for medical device manufacturers. Still, many companies fail to develop an adequate validation program which can prove to be costly, if discovered by an inspector. Validation is broadly applied across the organization to ensure that products, equipment, processes, software & systems operate, as designed and intended. Successful validation practices bring together engineering, manufacturing, regulatory compliance & quality assurance to develop test solutions that are unique to each application.
Valnemulin HCl (1 supplier)
Valosin-Containing Protein (1 supplier)
Valosin-Containing Protein Polyclonal Antibody (1 supplier)
Valproic Acid (2 suppliers)
Valproic Acid Antibody (2 suppliers)
Valve Actuators (2 suppliers)
Valve Perfusion Systems (2 suppliers)
Valves / Fittings (18 suppliers)
Valves, General (14 suppliers)
Valves, Injection (11 suppliers)
Valves, Metering (6 suppliers)
VAM Fungi (2 suppliers)
Mycorrhiza associations can be described as the symbioses between certain fungi, particularly Vesicular-Arbuscular (VA)-mycorrhizas, and the roots of vascular plants (trees, shrubs & certain plants like wheat, sorghum, cassava, soya, tea & coffee). A VA-mycorrhizal fungus is unspecific, it can infect a very wide range of host plants & it is assumed that more than 90% of all vascular plants are capable of forming mycorrhiza associations. In many circumstances, mycorrhizal infection can greatly increase the rate of uptake of nutrients, particularly phosphorus and nitrogen, from deficient soils. Vesicular-Arbusculas mycorrhizas are known to solubilize iron phosphate in low fertility soils. In addition, they may mobilize other scarce elements like copper, zinc and possibly iron. Utilization of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae (VAM) markedly increases the success of rehabilitation of disturbed & degraded lands, either in mesic or in moisture-deficient zones. It has been demonstrated that the presence of VAM is critical for the regeneration of natural ecosystems in arid lands.
1 to 50 of 315 results  Page: [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 >> Next 50 Results
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