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BIOTECHNOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES products beginning with : C
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Commercial Crops, Sugarcane (2 suppliers)
Commercial Crops, Tapioca (2 suppliers)
Commercial Crops, Turmeric (3 suppliers)
Commiphora Mukul (3 suppliers)
Compact 3-D Rotators (2 suppliers)
Compact Benchtop Incubators (4 suppliers)
Compact Benchtop Shakers (2 suppliers)
Compact Block Coolers (2 suppliers)
Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) (6 suppliers)
Competent Cell Services (2 suppliers)
Competent Cells (Yeast) (3 suppliers)
Competitive Inhibitor of the Anti-Acetyllysine Antibody (2 suppliers)
Competitive Inhibitor of the Methyl Lysine Antibody (2 suppliers)
Competitive inhibitor of Trimethyl Lysine Antibody (3 suppliers)
Complement Cascade ELISA Kits (4 suppliers)
Complementary DNA Normalization Service (2 suppliers)
Complementary DNA Subtraction Service (2 suppliers)
Complete Culture Control Analog Incubators (2 suppliers)
Complete Culture Control Digital Incubators (2 suppliers)
Complete Culture Control Incubators (3 suppliers)
Complete Culture Control Mini Incubators (2 suppliers)
Complex Analyzer Systems (2 suppliers)
Complex I Capture Antibody (2 suppliers)
Complex II WB Antibody Cocktail (2 suppliers)
Compost Bins (2 suppliers)
Compost Biobooster (4 suppliers)
Compost Tumbler (2 suppliers)
Composting Microbes (2 suppliers)
Compound Binocular Eyeguards (2 suppliers)
Compound libraries (3 suppliers)
Compound Libraries for HT Screening (3 suppliers)
Compound Library Management (13 suppliers)
Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolators (2 suppliers)
Compounding Aseptic Isolators (1 supplier)
Compounding Pharmacy Equipment (1 supplier)
Comprehensive Human siRNA Template Libraries (2 suppliers)
Computational Chemistry (12 suppliers)
Computational chemistry is the branch of theoretical chemistry whose major goals are to create efficient computer programs that calculate the properties of molecules (such as total energy, dipole moment, vibrational frequencies) and to apply these programs to concrete chemical objects. It is also sometimes used to cover the areas of overlap between computer science and chemistry. Computational chemistry methods are being developed & utilized to quantitatively characterize molecular components & interactions at a local (ligand-receptor) scale. Deterministic and stochastic system process analysis & optimization techniques, are applied towards elucidation of larger network structures (interlinked signaling, regulatory & metabolic pathways). The latter process relies on interpretation of data from network perturbation experiments, that may include consideration of genetic perturbations, environmental perturbations and disease state. Meanwhile, a great deal of software development activity is being expended on the software firms' core computational chemistry programs. Indeed, new versions of many flagship software packages have just been released, and they & some entirely new programs are bringing new levels of capability, flexibility, speed & accuracy to the application of the technology.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (9 suppliers)
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is an area in which the governing equations for fluid flow are solved in discrete form on computers by simulating the fluid flow problem. This helps in reducing the time and effort required in narrowing down on the design configurations of various engineering components. The use of CFD can also help in enhancing the quality of the products, as the designers can look at the product from all possible angles before prototyping it. For example, in case of engineering equipment like industrial heat exchangers, the design can be optimized by the use of CFD to save energy in operation, which is a very vital & precious input for design industries. A realistic CFD problem simulation to resolve all possible phenomena places very high demands on speed and memory of the computer systems. It has been proved quite convincingly that the only way to perform such computations is by the use of parallel computers. In the case of aircraft design the time to arrive at an efficient aerodynamic configuration can be reduced by orders of magnitude by performing simulations
Computed Tomography / CAT Analysis (7 suppliers)
Computed Tomography (CT) is a medical imaging method employing tomography. Digital geometry processing is used to generate a three-dimensional image of the inside of an object from a large series of two-dimensional X-ray images taken around a single axis of rotation. Computed tomography was originally known as the EMI scan, as it was developed at a research branch of EMI, a company best known today for its music and recording business. CT produces a volume of data which can be manipulated, through a process known as windowing, in order to demonstrate various structures based on their ability to block the X-ray/Röntgen beam. Although, the images generated were in the axial or transverse plane (orthogonal to the long axis of the body), modern scanners allow this volume of data to be reformatted in various planes or even as volumetric (3D) representations of structures. Although most common in healthcare, CT is also used in other fields, for example nondestructive materials testing and to study biological & paleontological specimens.
Computer Aided Design / CAM / CAE (15 suppliers)
Computer Automated Measurement / Control (CAMAC) (6 suppliers)
The Computer Automated Measurement And Control system is a modular instrumentation and digital interface system defined as a standardized instrumentation system. It features a fully specified data highway together with modular functional units that are completely compatible and that are available from diverse sources. The CAMAC system is used at almost every nuclear physics research laboratory and many industrial sites, primarily for data acquisition but also for remotely programmable trigger & logic applications. Its function is to provide a scheme allowing a wide range of modular instruments to be interfaced to a standardized backplane called a DATAWAY, which is interfaced with a computer. The DATAWAY provides module power & address, control & data bases, and the lines include digital data transfer, strobe signal, addressing & control lines. CAMAC-related software is for Linux systems.
Computer Systems (2 suppliers)
Computer-Controlled Microelectrode Amplifiers (2 suppliers)
Computer-Controlled Microelectrode Current-Clamp Amplifiers (2 suppliers)
Computer-Controlled Microelectrode Voltage-clamp Amplifiers (2 suppliers)
computing Systems and Signals for Biomedical & Life Sciences (2 suppliers)
Conatumumab (1 supplier)
Concanavalin A (Con A) (2 suppliers)
Concentrated Dairy Flavors and Ingredients (3 suppliers)
Concentrated Viral Preparations (1 supplier)
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