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BIOTECHNOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCES products beginning with : N
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Non Human Primate Research Models (2 suppliers)
Non Human Primates (3 suppliers)
Non Incubated Shakers (4 suppliers)
Non Lipsomal Transfection Reagent (13 suppliers)
Non Preserved Bovine Albumin (2 suppliers)
Non Targeting Quantum Dots (3 suppliers)
Non-Aseptic Filling Services (2 suppliers)
Non-Detergent Sulfobetaines (2 suppliers)
Non-Enzymatic Ribonuclease Inhibitors (2 suppliers)
Non-Human Primate Cytokine Multiplex Panel (2 suppliers)
Non-hydrolyzable Nucleotides (2 suppliers)
Non-Immune Chicken IgY Polyclonal Antibody (3 suppliers)
Non-invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring (2 suppliers)
Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (3 suppliers)
Non-Ionic Surfactants (3 suppliers)
Surfactants are amphiphilic molecules, consisting of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions. These substances are known to play a vital role in many processes of interest in both fundamental and applied sciences. Non-ionic surfactants are widely used in areas such as food, pharmaceuticals, personal care & household or industrial detergents because of their ability to influence the properties of surfaces and interfaces. Positive attributes that include biodegradability and non-toxicity make sugar & sugar alcohol-based surfactants particularly appealing. However, their application has been previously limited due to problems with the preparation of the sugar/sugar alcohol esters. This technology solves this major limitation and makes the expanded large scale commercial application of this useful class of molecules practical. Non-ionic surfactants are used in food, pharmaceuticals, household and industrial detergents. It is useful in markets such as the oil recovery, environmental detoxification and agriculture
Non-Muscle Myosin IIA Antibody (2 suppliers)
Non-Opioid Analgesic Drug (2 suppliers)
Non-Porous High Speed Hydrophobic Interaction Columns (2 suppliers)
Non-Porous High Speed Ion Exchange Columns (2 suppliers)
Non-Protein Peroxidase Stabilizer (2 suppliers)
Non-Radioactive Protein Kinase Assay Kits (3 suppliers)
Non-sterile CA Syringe Filters (3 suppliers)
Non-sterile Hydrophilic PTFE Syringe Filters (2 suppliers)
Non-sterile MCE Syringe Filters (3 suppliers)
Non-sterile Nylon Syringe Filter (2 suppliers)
Non-sterile PVDF Syringe Filters (2 suppliers)
Non-Stick RNase-free Microfuge Tubes (2 suppliers)
Non-Stimulated A431 Cell Lysate (2 suppliers)
Non-Vented Petri Dishes (4 suppliers)
Nonadecanoyl Coenzyme A, Free Acid (3 suppliers)
Nonbinding Surface Microplates (96 well) (3 suppliers)
Nonclinical Toxicokinetic (TK) Studies (5 suppliers)
Nonhomogeneous Caspase Assays (2 suppliers)
Nonisotopic Labeling and Detection Kits (2 suppliers)
Nonlinear Peak Separation & Deconvolution Software (2 suppliers)
Nonmuscle Myosin II Heavy Chain Monoclonal Antibody (2 suppliers)
NONO Polyclonal Antibody (1 supplier)
Nonphosphorylated Linkers (3 suppliers)
Nonpolar & Amphiphilic Membrane & Lipid Probes (3 suppliers)
Nonporous Silica (5 suppliers)
Nonradioactive Kinase Assay Kits (3 suppliers)
Nonspecific Antibody Blocking Tube (2 suppliers)
Noradrenaline Conjugate (2 suppliers)
Noradrenaline Norephinephrine ELISA Kits (4 suppliers)
Noradrenaline Protein (2 suppliers)
Norepinephrine (Research) EIA (2 suppliers)
Norepinephrine Bitartrate (2 suppliers)
Norepinephrine Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (2 suppliers)
Norfloxacin (1 supplier)
Normal Antibody Diluent (Tris Buffered) (3 suppliers)
401 to 450 of 614 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 [9] 10 11 12 13 >> Next 50 Results
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