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Direct Fed Microbial Gel (2 suppliers)
The term probiotic is generic and all-encompassing, to include microbial cultures, extracts & enzyme preparations. As such, the Office of Regulatory Affairs of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA, 2003 ), as well as the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO, 1999 ), have recommended the term direct-fed microbials (DFM) be used to describe feed products that contain a source of live, naturally occurring microorganisms. Feeding DFM generally results in a 2.5 to 5% increase in average daily gain and an approximate 2% improvement in feed efficiency in feedlot cattle. DFM promotes the absorption & digestion of feedstuff, growth and development. Improve the meat quality and intestinal tract condition, temper the bacteria balance, increase immune function & anti-virus ability of the organism. Increase egg laying rate and poultry fertility rate.
Direct Heat AutoFlow CO2 Incubator (2 suppliers)
Direct Hematopoietic & Non hematopoietic Assay Services (2 suppliers)
Direct IGFBP-3 Proteolysis (IGFBP-3 Protease) Assay Kit (1 supplier)
Direct IGFBP-3 Proteolysis Assay Kit (1 supplier)
Direct IGFBP-4 Proteolysis (IGFBP-4 Protease) Assay Kit (1 supplier)
Direct Lysis Fosmid96 DNA Purification Kit (2 suppliers)
Direct Lysis Plasmid96 DNA Purification Kit (2 suppliers)
Direct-Gel-Spin DNA Recovery Kit (2 suppliers)
Direct-Heat CO2 Incubators (2 suppliers)
DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (Cell) (3 suppliers)
DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (Mouse Ear) (2 suppliers)
DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (Mouse Tail) (2 suppliers)
DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (Yolk Sac) (2 suppliers)
Disc-to-Vial Distributor (2 suppliers)
Discontinuous B-cell Epitope Mapping (2 suppliers)
Discovery for Neurological & Autoimmune Disorders (4 suppliers)
Discovery Partnership services (4 suppliers)
Discovery-Focused ADME Tox Services (2 suppliers)
Disease Indexing & Storage Services (2 suppliers)
Disease state plasma (2 suppliers)
Disease State Sera (3 suppliers)
Disialogangliosides (3 suppliers)
Disinfectant Test Broth (2 suppliers)
Disinfectants / Decontaminants (34 suppliers)
Before choosing a disinfectant, companies should consider the work being performed in the facility, the effectiveness of the disinfectant, how it will be applied, how it might impact the air handling system, and what contamination, if any, it might create in the room. Companies may end up using multiple disinfectants, rotating them and treating them more often for the greatest effectiveness. In most BL3 or BL4 biosafety facilities, paraformaldehyde is used to decontaminate a lab or a room. While it is strong enough to kill highly infectious and potentially toxic organisms economically, it is also more dangerous to personnel than other disinfectants. Air handling systems must be designed to contain the formaldehyde per federal regulations, and personnel must wear protective clothing when using it. Other disinfectants are chlorinated or chlorine derivatives, which also pose high risks to humans. And instead of killing an agent, they may help create a more complex or potent material than the one they were meant to kill. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide is an option that can be effective in small, confined spaces. Peroxide is attractive because it is relatively benign, but it may not be as effective for the more serious agents. Another decontamination consideration is autoclaving requirements for solid or infectious materials.
Disinfecting Towels (2 suppliers)
Disinfection Testing Service (2 suppliers)
Disintegration Basket Handle (2 suppliers)
Disintegration Glass Tubes (2 suppliers)
Disintegration Processor Board (2 suppliers)
Disintegration Tank (2 suppliers)
Disintegration Tester (2 suppliers)
Disintegration Tubes (2 suppliers)
Disogenin (2 suppliers)
Dispase Supplements (5 suppliers)
Dispenser Software (Tecan) (2 suppliers)
Dispensers (General) (11 suppliers)
Dispensers, Automated (47 suppliers)
Dispensers, Automated, Bottle-top (13 suppliers)
Dispensers, Manual (27 suppliers)
Dispensing Caps (2 suppliers)
Dispensing Spike (2 suppliers)
Dispensing System Software (Beckman Coulter) (2 suppliers)
Dispensing Systems (13 suppliers)
Dispensing Tube Set (2 suppliers)
Dispersants (3 suppliers)
A liquid or gas added to a mixture to promote dispersion or to maintain dispersed particles in suspension. A dispersant or plasticizer is a liquid or gas added to a mixture to promote dispersion or to maintain dispersed particles in suspension. Also, a dispersant is a compound consisting of a surfactant and a solvent, sprayed to dissipate oil slicks. Dispersants are continuously sought which have higher fluidity under adverse storage conditions because of their ease of handling. Furthermore, dispersants are also sought which are capable of dispersing higher amounts of particulate solids such as pigments in an organic liquid medium and which result in paints and inks which exhibit superior properties such as improved gloss
Display Cable (2 suppliers)
Display Jars (2 suppliers)
Dispoable Bioreactors (9 suppliers)
Disposable Bags (2 suppliers)
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