Acidulants, Food-grade Citric Acid
(4 suppliers)

Acidulants, Food-grade Lactic Acid
(2 suppliers)

Annatto Extract Dye
(2 suppliers)

Artificial soil for horticulture
(3 suppliers)

Beet Extract Dye
(2 suppliers)

Biofuel, cellulose ethanol
(4 suppliers)

Biomarker Assay
(7 suppliers)

Botanicals, Dehydrated Vegetables
(3 suppliers)

Botanicals, Garcinia Cambogia
(8 suppliers)

Botanicals, Gingko Biloba Extract
(7 suppliers)

Botanicals, Herbal Extracts
(45 suppliers)

Botanicals, Milk Thistle
(5 suppliers)

Botanicals, Opuntia ficus-indica
(2 suppliers)

Botanicals, Pectins
(2 suppliers)

Botanicals, Pomegranate
(6 suppliers)

Botanicals, Rhodiola Crenulata
(4 suppliers)

Botanicals, Water-soluble Extracts
(4 suppliers)

Carrot Extract Dye
(2 suppliers)

cell-cycle regulators
(5 suppliers)

Chick Peas Inoculants
(3 suppliers)

Cochineal Extract Dye
(2 suppliers)

Corn Starch
(3 suppliers)

Dextrose Monohydrate
(6 suppliers)

(2 suppliers)

Distilled Monoglycerides
(2 suppliers)

Dry Beans Inoculants
(2 suppliers)

Elderberry Extract Dye
(2 suppliers)

Food Sweeteners, Crystalline Fructose
(4 suppliers)

Food Sweeteners, Dextrose
(4 suppliers)

Food Sweeteners, Maltodextrin
(4 suppliers)

Genetically Modified Seeds
(18 suppliers)

Goat Anti-biotin-Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugate
(2 suppliers)

Growth Modulators
(2 suppliers)

Herbal Medicines
(18 suppliers)

Hyaluronic Acid
(6 suppliers)

Hybrid Corn Seeds
(5 suppliers)

Hybrid Soya Seeds
(2 suppliers)

Immunoassay Kits for Dioxin / Furan Analysis
(4 suppliers)

Labeling Kits For Gene Expression Analysis
(2 suppliers)

(3 suppliers)

Legumes Inoculants
(3 suppliers)

Lentils Inoculants
(3 suppliers)

Liquid Glucose
(4 suppliers)

Maize Starch Powder
(6 suppliers)

miRNA Isolation And Labeling Kit
(3 suppliers)

Mouse Anti-Cyanine 3 Monoclonal Antibody
(3 suppliers)

Mouse Anti-Cyanine 5 Monoclonal Antibody
(3 suppliers)

Natural Plastics
(3 suppliers)

Nitrotyrosine ELISA Kit
(3 suppliers)

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing
(3 suppliers)

Nonpolar & Amphiphilic Membrane & Lipid Probes
(3 suppliers)

Nucleic Acid Labeling Kits
(7 suppliers)

Paprika Extract Dye
(2 suppliers)

Peanuts Inoculants
(2 suppliers)

Peas Inoculants
(3 suppliers)

Plant Genomics
(5 suppliers)

Plasmid DNA (pDNA) Production
(6 suppliers)

Platelet Derived Growth Factor (Rh-pdgf)
(4 suppliers)

Proteins & Peptides
(4 suppliers)

Purple Sweet Potato Extract Dye
(2 suppliers)

PVC film for Green House Agricultural
(2 suppliers)

Red Cabbage Extract Dye
(2 suppliers)

Saccharomyces Boulardii
(3 suppliers)

Sodium Gluconate
(3 suppliers)

Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate
(3 suppliers)

Soy Lecithin
(3 suppliers)

Soybeans Inoculants
(3 suppliers)

Tissue Culture, Bamboo
(3 suppliers)

Tissue Culture, Banana
(12 suppliers)

Tissue Culture, Floriculture
(4 suppliers)

Tissue Culture, Jatropha
(5 suppliers)

(2 suppliers)

White Dextrins
(3 suppliers)


Allergen Mixtures, Allergens, Animals, Allergens, Dust Mites, more...

Amine Reactive Dyes
Amine Reactive Alexa Fluor Dyes, Amine Reactive BIODPY Dyes, Amine Reactive CAL Fluor Dyes, more...

Annexin V Apoptosis Detection
Annexin V Alexa Fluor 488 Apoptosis Kits, Annexin V APC Apoptosis Detection Kits, Annexin V Binding Buffers, more...

Annexin V Conjugates
Annexin V, Annexin V Alexa Flour, Annexin V Allophycocyanin, more...

Anti Murine IHC Kits
Anti Mouse Immunohistochemistry Kits (Alk Phos), Anti Mouse Immunohistochemistry Kits (Fluorescent), Anti Mouse Immunohistochemistry Kits (Gold), more...

Anti Rabbit IHC Kits
Anti Rabbit Immunohistochemistry Kits (Alk Phos), Anti Rabbit Immunohistochemistry Kits (Fluorescent), Anti Rabbit Immunohistochemistry Kits (Gold), more...

Antigens / Proteins
Bacterial Antigens / Proteins, Bovine Antigens / Proteins, Canine Antigens / Proteins, more...

Apoptosis Biomolecules
Active Human Caspase-1, Active Human Caspase-10, Active Human Caspase-2, more...

Apoptosis Detection
DNA Fragmentation Assays, Apoptotic DNA Ladder Detection Kit, Apoptotic DNA Ladder Isolation Kit, more...

Assay Instrumentation Plates / Reagents
96-well plates, Dyes, Immunoassay Software, more...

Assay Kits / Instruments
Cell Motility Morphology Assay Kits, Cell Signaling Assay Kits, Cell Viability / Proliferation Assay Kits, more...

Anti Oxidants, Carrier Molecules, Oxylipins

Biotin Acridinium Esters, Biotin AP, Biotin Enzymes, more...

Biotin Fluorochromes
Biotin FITC, Biotin Fluorophores (Miscellaneous), Biotin PE, more...

Blocking Peptides
A1 Blocking Peptide, AAK1 Peptide, AIF Blocking Peptide, more...

Blocking Reagents
Alkaline Phosphatase Blockers, Avidin Biotin Blockers, Bovine Serum Albumin Casein Blockers, more...

Bovine Collagen
Bovine Collagen, Bovine Tendon Collagen, Calf Skin Collagen

Bovine Immunoglobulins
Bovine Immunoglobulin G, Bovine Immunoglobulin M

Broad Spectrum IHC Kits
Broad Spectrum IHC Kits (Alk Phos), Broad Spectrum IHC Kits (Non Biotin), Broad Spectrum IHC Kits (Peroxidase)

Calcium & Magnesium Indicators
Calcium Indicators (Fluorescent), Magnesium Indicators (Fluorescent)

Cancer Research Probes
Fluorescent Fibrinogen Conjugates, Fluorescent Methotrexate Conjugates, Fluorescent Mucin Conjugates, more...

Canine Immunoglobulins
Canine Immunoglobulin E, Canine Immunoglobulin G, Canine Immunoglobulin M

Cell Activators
CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides, Inflammation Activators CpG DNA

Cell Assay Reagents & Kits
Apoptosis Reagents, Cell Dyes & Stains, Cell Proliferation Assays, more...

Cell Biology Devices
Automated Tissue Processing Devices, Flow Cytometers, High Content Screening, more...

Cell Impermeant Nucleic Acid Stains
7 AAD, Cell Impermeant Classic Nucleic Acid Stains, Cyanine Dimer Nucleic Acid Stains, more...

Cell Isolation
Apoptotic Cell Isolation Kit, Buoyant Density Mediums, Cell Isolation Magnetic Columns, more...

Cell Line Array Slides
Human Cell Line Array Slides, Mouse Cell Line Array Slides

Cell Line Lysates
Akt Activated Cell Lysate, Akt Negative Control Cell Lysate, Bovine Cell Lysates, more...

Cell Line Slides & Array Slides
Human Cell Line Slides

Cell Permeant Nucleic Acid Stains
Cell Permeant Classic Nucleic Acid Stains, Hoechst Dyes

Cell Proliferation
Cell Labeling Tracking, Cell Senescence Assays, Human T Cell Expansion Kits, more...

Cell Surface Proteins
Adhesion Receptors, CD Marker Proteins, Marker Proteins, more...

Cell Tissue
Bone Regeneration, Cardiac Regeneration, Neural Regeneration, more...

Cells, Established Lines
Embryonic Stem Cells, Established Cell Lines, Established Human Cell Lines, more...

Cells, Primary
Leukocytes, Lymphocytes, Macrophages, more...

Ceramide Analogs, Ceramide Synthase Inhibitors, Miscellaneous Ceramides, more...

Chelating Agents (Fluorescent)
Fluorescent BAPTA Agents, Fluorescent Chelating Agents, Fluorescent EDTA Agents, more...

Chicken Immunoglobulins
Chicken Eggs, Chicken Immunoglobulin G, Chicken Immunoglobulin Y

Coenzyme A
Acyl Coenzyme A, Coenzyme A

Crosslinking Reagents
Crosslinking Reagents, Heterobifunctional Crosslinking Reagents, Photoreactive Crosslinkers

Human COX, Ovine COX

Cytoplasmic Cell Extracts
Human Cytoplasmic Cell Extracts, Jurkat Cell Extract (Induced), Jurkat Cell Extract (Uninduced), more...

DNA Sequencing Dyes
FAM Dyes, HEX Dyes, JOE Dyes, more...

Drug Conjugates
Amphetamine Conjugates, Barbituate Conjugates, Benzodiazepine Conjugates, more...

Human ELISPOT Assays, Mouse ELISPOT Assays, Feline ELISPOT Assays, more...

Enzyme Inhibitors
15 hydroxy Prostaglandin Dehydrogenase Inhibitor, Lipooxygenase Inhibitors, Neuraminidase Inhibitor, more...

Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Kits
Adrenal Cortical Hormone ELISA Kits, Allergy & Toxicology ELISA Kits, Androgen ELISA Kits, more...

Fatty Acid Amides
13 Docosenamide, 9 Octadecenamide, Arachidonoyl Glycine

Fatty Acid Analogs
Arachidonic Acid Analogs, Biotinylated Fatty Acids, Deuterium Labeled Fatty Acids, more...

Fatty Acid Glycerol Esters
Arachidonic Acid Glycerol Esters

Fatty Acids
1114 Eicosadienoic Acid, 13(Z) Docosenoic Acids, 2 Hydroxymyristic Acid, more...

Feline Immunoglobulins
Feline Immunoglobulin G, Feline Immunoglobulin M

Flow Cytometry
Cellular DNA Quantitation Assays, Flow Cytometry Size Calibration Kit, Protein Expression Assays

Flow Cytometry Controls
Cytokine Positive Control Cells, MDR Positive Control Cells, Red Blood Cell (RBC) Control Cells

Flow Cytometry Kits
CD38 Flow Cytometry Kits, CD55 CD59 Flow Cytometry Kits, CD55 CD99 Flow Cytometry Kits, more...

Flow Cytometry Reagents
Anti Immunoglobulin G Microparticles, Flow Cytometry Staining Buffers, Fluorescence Amplification (APC), more...

Flow Cytometry Staining Kits
Anti Mouse Flow Cytometry Kits, Anti Rabbit Flow Cytometry Kits, Intracellular Flow Cytometry Staining Kits

Fluorescent Cell Tracing Reagents
Cell Tracers (Long Term), Cell Tracers (Miscellaneous), Cell Tracers (Short Term), more...

Fluorescent Conjugates (Endocytosis & Phagocytosis)
Fluorescent Bioparticles (E coli), Fluorescent Bioparticles (S aureus), Fluorescent Bioparticles Zymosan A (S cerevisiae), more...

Fluorescent Labeled Microspheres
Fluorescent Aldehyde Sulfate Microspheres (002 micro m), Fluorescent Avidin Microspheres, Fluorescent Biotin Microspheres

Fluorescent Membrane & Lipid Probes
Fatty Acid Indicators, Fluorescent Fatty Acid Analogs, Fluorescent Membrane Potential Probes, more...

Fluorescent Particles
Flow Cytometry Alignment Beads, Fluorescent Calibration Particles, Fluorescent Particles

Fluorescent Reagents (Bioassays)
Fluorescent Peptidase Substrates, Recombinant Human RFP Protein, Recombinant RFP Protein, more...

Fluorescent Reference Standards
Antibody Binding Standards, APC Reference Standards, DAPI Reference Standards, more...

Asialogangliosides, Bovine Disialoganglioside GM2, Bovine Disialoganglioside GM4, more...

Genetic Analysis
MassARRAYr EpiTYPER, MassARRAYr System

Hamster Immunoglobins
Armenian Hamster Immunoglobulin G2 Conjugates, Armenian Hamster Immunoglobulin G3, Armenian Hamster Immunoglobulin M, more...

Hapten Carrier Conjugates
Biotin Conjugated Haptens, Ficoll Conjugated Haptens, Fluorescein Conjugated Haptens, more...

Heavy Metal Indicators
Heavy Metal Indicators, Zinc Ion Indicators

Histological Stains
Alcian Blue, Amido Black, Basic Fuchsin, more...

Human B Cell Isolation
Human B Cell Negative Selection (Density), Human B Cell Negative Selection (Magnetic), Human B Cell Positive Selection (Magnetic), more...

Human Cancer Cell Isolation
Human Multiple Myeloma Cell Negative Selection (Density), Human Tumor Cell Negative Selection (Density), Human Tumor Cell Positive Selection (Magnetic)

Human Cell Depletion
Human CD3+ Depletion (Density), Human CD4+ Depletion (Density), Human CD45+ Depletion (Density), more...

Human Cell Isolation
Human Breast Carcinoma Positive Selection (Magnetic), Human Combo Cell Selection (Magnetic), Human Custom Cell Selection (Magnetic), more...

Human Cell Lysates
293 Cell Lysates, A549 Cell Lysates, Hs68 Cell Lysates, more...

Human Cytoplasmic Protein (Cell Line)
Human Cytoplasmic Protein

Human Eosinophil Cell Isolation
Eosinophil Cell Isolation Kits (Solution), Eosinophil Enrichment Columns, Human Eosinophil Negative Selection (Magnetic)

Human Ig ELISA Quantitation Kits
Human Allergen Specific Immunoglobulin ELISA Kits, Human Anti Mouse Antibody ELISA Kits, Human Immunoglobulin E ELISA Quantitation Kits, more...

Human Immunoglobulin G
Human Immunoglobulin G, Human Immunoglobulin G Fragments

Human Immunoglobulin G Light Chains
Human Immunoglobulin G AndKappa Chains, Human Immunoglobulin G AndLambda Chains

Human Immunoglobulins
Human Bence Jones Proteins, Human Immunoglobulin E, Human Immunoglobulin M, more...

Human Labeled Cell Isolation
Human Biotin labeled Cell Positive Selection (Magnetic), Human FITC Labeled Cell Positive Selection (Magnetic), Human HLA DR Labeled Cell Positive Selection (Magnetic), more...

Human Leukocyte Cell Isolation
Human Basophil Negative Selection (Magnetic), Human CD45+ Positive Selection (Magnetic), Human Granulocyte Negative Selection (Density), more...

Human Monocyte Cell Isolation
Human CD14+ Positive Selection (Magnetic), Human Monocyte CD16 Negative Selection (Magnetic), Human Monocyte CD16+ Positive Selection (Magnetic), more...

Human NK Cell Isolation
Human NK Cell Negative Selection (Density), Human NK Cell Negative Selection (Magnetic)

Human Nuclear Extracts
Human Brain Nuclear Extract, Human Heart Nuclear Extract, Human Liver Nuclear Extract, more...

Human Progenitor Cell Isolation
Human CD34+ Positive Selection (Magnetic), Human CD34+CD38 Selection (Magnetic), Human Progenitor Cell Negative Selection (Density), more...

Human T Cell Isolation
Cancer Antigen Specific CD8+ T Cell Positive Selection (Magnetic), Human CD2+ Positive Selection (Magnetic), Human CD25+ Positive Selection (Magnetic), more...

Human Total Protein Panel
Fetal Total Protein Panel, Human Total Protein Panel, Human Total Protein Panel (Different Tumor Type), more...

Immunoglobulin ELISA Quantitation Kits
Bovine Immunoglobulin ELISA Quantitation Kits, Cat Immunoglobulin ELISA Quantitation Kits, Chicken Immunoglobulin ELISA Quantitation Kits, more...

Donkey Immunoglobulin G, Equine Immunoglobulin G, Goat Immunoglobulin G, more...

Heat Killed Bacterial Cells, IGFBP Immunohistochemistry 3-Pack, IGFBP Immunohistochemistry 6-Pack, more...

Immunohistochemistry Kits
Anti Goat IHC Kits, Anti Hamster IHC Kits, Anti Human IHC Kits, more...

Immunohistochemistry Reagents
Antifade Reagents, Deparaffinization Reagents, Diluent Solutions, more...

Infectious Agents
Blood Parasite Panels, Borrelia burgdorferi, Chlamydia pneumoniae, more...

Labeled Cell Isolation (Magnetic)
Biotin Labeled Cell Isolation Kits, FITC Labeled Cell Isolation Kits (Magnetic), PE Labeled Cell Isolation Kits (Magnetic)

Leukotriene Analogs, Leukotriene Inhibitors, Leukotriene Mass Spec Stds

Fatty Acid Glycerol Ethers, Lipid Peroxidation Products, Miscellaneous Lipids, more...

ApoLipoprotein B Polyclonal Ab, Apoplipoproteins, Human ApoE2, more...

Human Breast Tissue Lysates (Ductal Carcinoma), Human Breast Tissue Lysates (Intraductal Carcinoma), Human Breast Tissue Lysates (Lobular Carcinoma), more...

Animal ID, Cage Aids, Cages, more...

Microbiology Probes
Antibiotic Probes, Bacterial Viability Cytotoxicity Stains

Mouse Cell Isolation
Mouse CD902+ Cell Isolation, Mouse Cell Isolation (Magnetic), Mouse Sca 1+ Isolation (Magnetic)

Mouse Chemokine Receptor Flow Cytometry Kits
Mouse JE Receptor Flow Cytometry Kits, Mouse MIP 1 Receptor Flow Cytometry Kits

Mouse Dendritic Cell Isolation
Mouse Dendritic Cell Isolation (Density), Mouse Dendritic Cell Isolation (Magnetic)

Mouse Immunoglobulin G
Mouse Immunoglobulin G, Mouse Immunoglobulin G Conjugates, Mouse Immunoglobulin G1, more...

Mouse Immunoglobulin M
Murine Immunoglobulin M, Murine Immunoglobulin MConjugates

Mouse ImmunoglobulinA
Mouse ImmunoglobulinA, Mouse ImmunoglobulinA Conjugates

Mouse Immunoglobulins
Mouse Immunoglobulin E, Mouse Immunoglobulin Panels, Mouse Whole Serum Immunoglobulins

Mouse Labeled Cell Isolation
Mouse Biotin labeled Cell Isolation Kits (Magnetic), Mouse FITC Labeled Cell Isolation Kits (Magnetic), Mouse PE Isolation Kits (Magnetic)

Mouse Leukocyte Isolation
Mouse B Cell Isolation (Density), Mouse B Cell Isolation (Magnetic), Mouse CD Cell Isolation (Magnetic), more...

Mouse Nuclear Extracts
3T3 Nuclear Extract, C2C12 Nuclear Extract, MEL c88 Nuclear Extract, more...

Mouse Progenitor Cell Isolation
Mouse Progenitor Cell Isolation (Density), Mouse Progenitor Cell Isolation (Magnetic)

Mouse T Cell Isolation
Mouse CD3+ T Cell Isolation (Magnetic), Mouse CD4+ T Cell Isolation (Density), Mouse CD4+ T Cell Isolation (Magnetic), more...

Multiplex Flow Cytometry Kits
Human Anaphaylatoxin Flow Cytometry Kits, Human Inflammation Flow Cytometry Kits, Human Multi Chemokine Flow Cytometry Kits, more...

Murine Cell Lysates
3T3 Cell Lysates, Murine C-10, Murine Cell Lysates, more...

Neuroscience Probes
Dextran Conjugates, Fixable Polar Tracers, Fluorescent Cholera Toxin, more...

Nuclear Extracts
Drosophila Nuclear Extract, HeLa Nuclear Extract, Simian Nuclear Extracts

Organelle Probes & Stains
Fluorescent ER & Golgi Probes, Fluorescent Lysosomal Probes, Fluorescent Mitochondrial Probes, more...

Ovine Antigens / Proteins
Human Leukocyte Antigen System, Ovine Prolactin, Ovine Prolactin Soluble Receptor

Peroxidase Substrates
Peroxidase Substrates (Chemiluminescent), Peroxidase Substrates (Fluorescent)

Peroxidase Substrates (Colormetric)
AEC Substrate Buffer, Colorimetric Substrate, Peroxidase Substrates, more...

pH Indicators
BCECF pH Indicators, pH Indicators, SNARF pH Indicators

Phosphatase Substrates
Alkaline Phosphatase Substrates (Chemiluminescent), Phosphatase Substrates (Fluorescent)

Phospho specific Blocking Peptides
Phospho Akt, Phospho ATF 2, Phospho beta Catenin, more...

Biotin Labeled Phospholipids, Functionalized Phospholipids, Isotopically Labeled PAF, more...

PI3 Kinase Inhibitors
LY294002, Wortmannin

Plant Growth Enhancers
1-Naphthalene Acetic Acid, Adenine, Gibberellic Acid, more...

Porcine Cytokines
Porcine GM CSF, Porcine IL 1 alpha, Porcine IL 1 beta, more...

Porcine Immunoglobulins
Porcine Immunoglobulin G, Porcine Immunoglobulin M

Probes & Dyes
Avidin, Avidin / Streptavidin Conjugates, Avidin / Streptavidin Enzymes, more...

Prostaglandin Intermediates
Chiral Prostaglandin Intermediates, Enantiomer Prostaglandin Intermediates, Prostaglandin Intermediates

Prostaglandin Screening ELISA / EIA
Prostaglandin Screening EIA Kits

Latanoprost & Analogs, Prostaglandin Analogs, Prostaglandin Inhibitors, more...

Protease Inhibitors
PI-8 Polyclonal Antibody, Protease Inhibitor Cocktails, Proteinase Inhibitor 6 (PI6) mAb, more...

Protease Inhibitors (Chemical)
PMSF, Protease Inhibitors (Chemical), Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

Protease Inhibitors (Peptide)
Aprotinin, Beta-Secretase Inhibitor I, Beta-Secretase Inhibitor II, more...

Protease Substrates
Chymotrypsin Substrates, Elastase Substrates, Factor Xa Substrates, more...

Protein A
Protein A, Protein A Acridinium Esters, Protein A Agarose, more...

Protein Conjugated Haptens
Protein Conjugated ABA, Protein Conjugated DNP, Protein Conjugated Fluorescein, more...

Protein G
Protein G, Protein G Acridinium Esters, Protein G Agarose, more...

Protein Kinase Inhibitors
Cell Cycle Kinase Inhibitor, Epsilon Protein Kinase C Activator, PKC Inhibitors, more...

Protein Sources
HeLa Cell Fractions, Human Cell Line Nuclear Extracts, Miscellaneous Cellular Extracts, more...

Protein Stains
SYPROAndreg Red Protein Stains, SYPROAndreg Ruby Protein Stain

Quantum Dots
Amine Terminated Quantum Dots, Carboxyl Terminated Quantum Dots, Non Targeting Quantum Dots, more...

Rabbit Immunoglobulins
Rabbit Immunoglobulin G, Rabbit Immunoglobulin G Conjugates

Rat Cell Isolation
Rat B Cell Isolation Kits (Magnetic), Rat CD Cell Isolation Kits (Magnetic), Rat T Cell Isolation Columns, more...

Rat Immunoglobulin G
Rat Immunoglobulin G, Rat Immunoglobulin G1, Rat Immunoglobulin G1 Conjugates, more...

Rat Immunoglobulin M
Rat Immunoglobulin M, Rat Immunoglobulin MConjugates

Rat Immunoglobulins
Rat Immunoglobulin E, Rat ImmunoglobulinA, Rat Whole Serum Immunoglobulins

Rat Nuclear Extracts
GH3 Nuclear Extract, L6E9 Nuclear Extract, Nb2 Nuclear Extract, more...

Rat Peptide Hormone ELISA / EIA
Rat Insulin EIA Kits, Rat Parathyroid Hormone ELISA Kits, Rat Prolactin EIA Kits

Ratiometric Calcium Indicators
Fura Indicators, Indo Indicators

Reactive Dyes
Reactive Coumarin, Reactive Fluorescein, Reactive Oregon Green, more...

Reactive Fluorescence Quenchers
Amine Containing Fluorescence Quenchers, Amine Reactive Fluorescence Quenchers, Thiol Reactive Fluorescence Quenchers

Reactive Haptens
Aldehyde Reactive Biotin, Amine Containing Biotin, Amine Containing DNP, more...

Reporter Gene Detection
Beta Galactosidase Substrates, Beta Glucosidase Substrates, Beta Glucuronidase Substrates, more...

Reporter Systems
Cis Reporter, Trans Reporter

S Tag Detection
S Tag Assay Reagents, S Tag Assays

Second Messengers
cGMP Activity Assay Kit, DAG Analogs, Inositol Phosphates

Sheep Immunoglobulins
Sheep Immunoglobulin G, Sheep Immunoglobulin M

Signal Transduction
Phospho-Stat1 Polyclonal Antibody, Phospho-Stat2 Polyclonal Antibody, Phospho-Stat3 Polyclonal Antibody, more...

Signal Transduction Probes
Metabolic Burst Probes

Signal Transduction Reagents
G-Proteins, Ion Channel Modulators, Kinase Activators, more...

Simian Cell Isolation
Simian B Cell Isolation (Magnetic), Simian Dendritic Cell Isolation (Magnetic), Simian Leukocyte Cell Isolation, more...

Sodium Potassium & Chloride Indicators
Chloride Indicators (Fluorescent), Potassium Indicators (Fluorescent), Sodium Indicators (Fluorescent)

Glycosylated Sphingosine, Sphingomyelin, Sphingosines, more...

Steriod Hormone Conjugates
Aldosterone Conjugates, Androstenedione Conjugates, Cortisol Conjugates, more...

Tetrameric Antibody Complexes
Anti Biotin Tetramers, Anti Human CD25 Tetramers, Anti Human CD41 Tetramers, more...

Thiol Reactive Dyes
Thiol Reactive Alexa Fluor Dyes, Thiol Reactive Bimanes, Thiol Reactive BODIPY Dyes, more...

Thromboxane A2 & Analogs, Thromboxane B2 & Analogs, Thromboxane B2 Polyclonal Antibody, more...

Tissue Total Protein
Human Tissue Total Protein Kits (DiseaseNormal), Plant Total Protein

Tissue Total Protein Panel
Mouse Total Protein Panel, Rat Total Protein Panel, Simian Total Protein Panel

Transfected Cell Lines
G Protein Opioid Receptor Transfected Cell Lines, G Protein Transfected Cell Lines

Yeast Probes
Yeast Mitochondria Probes, Yeast Vacuole Stains

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