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4 Dimension Flow Thru Microarrays
(2 suppliers)

Adenosine Deaminase (ADA)
(8 suppliers)

Aminoacyl tRNA Synthetase
(3 suppliers)

BRP Vectors
(2 suppliers)

cDNA Cloning Service
(4 suppliers)

Custom Local Regional SNP Primer Kits (w / w/o Assays)
(2 suppliers)

Detection of Foreign Nucleic Acid
(2 suppliers)

DNA Blunting Kits
(7 suppliers)

DNA Conformation Based SNP Assays
(2 suppliers)

Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) RNA Isolation & Amplification Kits
(3 suppliers)

Gene Mutagenesis
(2 suppliers)

Genomic DNA Extraction
(4 suppliers)

Genotyping by DNA Sequencing
(4 suppliers)

Genotyping by PCR
(3 suppliers)

Glutamic Acid
(3 suppliers)

High- Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) ChipMS
(2 suppliers)

Human Colon cDNA Libraries
(4 suppliers)

Human Kidney cDNA Libraries
(3 suppliers)

Human Liver cDNA Libraries (Adult)
(3 suppliers)

Human Lung cDNA Libraries
(3 suppliers)

Human Tissue Slides (Matched Sets)
(2 suppliers)

In Vitro Hepatocyte Screening
(2 suppliers)

In Vitro Hepatocyte Screening Compositions
(2 suppliers)

In Vitro Hepatocyte Screening Kits
(2 suppliers)

Itaconic Acid
(2 suppliers)

Liver Cirrhosis Tissue cDNA
(2 suppliers)

Mimetic Ligand Screening Kit
(2 suppliers)

Monosodium Glutamate
(3 suppliers)

Motorized Actuators
(2 suppliers)

Mutagenesis Kits
(10 suppliers)

Next Generation Sequencing
(4 suppliers)

Nuclease Decontamination
(4 suppliers)

Piezo Actuators
(3 suppliers)

Plasmid Preparations
(7 suppliers)

Promoterless Reporter Vectors & Kits
(3 suppliers)

PVDF Filter Paper Sandwiches
(3 suppliers)

Random Mutagenesis
(2 suppliers)

Rat Brain cDNA Libraries
(3 suppliers)

(2 suppliers)

Sequence Data Analysis
(3 suppliers)

Sequencing Reads Quality Analysis
(2 suppliers)

STR Genotyping Services
(4 suppliers)

T7 DNA Polymerase Buffer
(4 suppliers)

tRNA (Ribonucleic Acid)
(4 suppliers)

Ultra Thin Film Nitrocellulose Slide
(2 suppliers)

Yeast Strains
(2 suppliers)

Yeast Transformation & Plasmid Isolation
(3 suppliers)


Activated Agarose Beads, Agarose, Agarose (High EEO), more...

Agarose Gel Loading Buffers
DNA Gel Loading Buffers, RNA Gel Loading Buffers

Antibody Microarrays
Cancer Serum Biomarker Antibody Microarrays, Cell Signaling Antibody Microarrays, Human Angiogenesis Antibody Microarrays, more...

Automated DNA Purification Kits
HT Plasmid Purification Supplies, Magnetic Genomic DNA Purification Kits, Magnetic PCR Purification Kits, more...

Automated DNA Sequencing
Automated Sequencing Gel Mixes, DNA Sequencers, Whole Genome Sequencers

Automated DNA/RNA Purification
Automated DNA Extraction Systems, Automated RNA Extraction Systems, Liquid Handling Workstations (Multi Purpose), more...

Automated RNA Purification Kits
Magnetic mRNA Isolation Kits, Microplate Total RNA Isolation Kits, RNA Isolation

Automated Sequencing Kits
Sequencing Kits (ALF)

Automated Sequencing Primers
Universal Primers

Autoradiography Aids
Autoradiograph Storage Aids, Autoradiography Intensifying Screens, Autoradiography Intensifying Screens (Transcreens), more...

Autoradiography Cassettes
Autoradiography Cassettes (Miscellaneous)

Autoradiography Film
Autoradiography Film (Direct Exposure), Autoradiography Film (Duplicating), Autoradiography Film (Miscellaneous), more...

Bacterial Expression Vectors
Expression Purification Vectors

BamH I Methylase
BamH I Methylase, BamH I Methylase Buffer

Bioinformatics Software
Data Acquisition Software, Data Mining Software, Graphing Software, more...

Blood Samples
Bovine Blood Sample, Calf Blood Sample, Cat Blood Sample, more...

Blot Module, Blotters (Pressure), Blotters (Semi Dry), more...

Blotting Buffers
Blot Wash Buffers

Blotting Consumables
Antigen Antibody Pen, Blot Transfer Kit Refill, Blotting Papers, more...

Blotting Devices
Blot Transfer Kit (Capillary), Blotter Aid, Blotting Pad, more...

Branched DNA mRNA Quantification
Assay Plate Sealers, bDNA mRNA Quantification Assay Aid, bDNA mRNA Quantification Assay Panel, more...

Bovine Gene Specific cDNA Clones, Human cDNA Clone Collections

cAcid Synthesis Reagents
RNase Inhibitors

Calf Plasma
Calf Plasma (Non Sterile), Calf Plasma (Sterile)

35 Millimeter, Charge Coupled Device (CCD)Cameras, Digital / High Resolution Camera, more...

Canine Plasma
Canine Plasma (Non Sterile), Canine Plasma (Sterile)

Carbohydrate Analysis Reagents
Reagents, Carbohydrases, Reagents, Endoglycosidases

Mouse Gene Specific cDNA Clones

cDNA Library Screening
Library Sub plates

cDNA Synthesis
cDNA Synthesis Kits, Magnetic mRNA IsolationcDNA Synthesis Kits, RACE Kits, more...

cDNA Synthesis Primers
Poly dT (Oligo dT Primers)

cDNA Synthesis Reagents
Lysis Buffers, RNase Decontamination, RNase Detection

Cell Cycle Kinases
Human CHK1, Human CHK2

Cell Lysis Buffers
2X Reaction Buffer, AFC (7-amino-4-trifluoromethyl-coumarin), caspase assay buffer, more...

Chicken Plasma
Chicken Plasma (Non Sterile), Chicken Plasma (Sterile)

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (CHIP) Assay Buffers & Reagents, Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Assays, Chromatin IP PCR Kits

Chromatography Software
Chromatography Data Acquisition Software, Chromatography Software, Chromatography Software (Agilent), more...

Clone Archiving
Clone Archiving Card Aids, Clone Archiving Cards

Cloned Genes
Reporter Genes, Resistance Genes, TLR1 Polyclonal Antibody, more...

Cloning & Expression
1 Hybrid Systems, Cloning Cylinders, Cloning Discs, more...

Cloning Kits
Blunt End Cloning Kits, cDNA Cloning Kits, Elements For Cloning, more...

Cloning Reagents
Bacterial Hosts, Bacterial Media, Yeast Extracts, more...

Colony Picking & Arraying
PickerArrayer Replicators, Pickers Arrayers

Combined DNA Collection & Storage
Automated DNA Storage & Retrieval, DNA Collection Storage Plates, DNA Collection Storage Reagents & Kits

Control Slides
Actin Control Slide, Anti-alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) Control Slide, B Tubulin Control Slide, more...

CPG Supports
A Controlled-Pore Glass Supports, C Controlled-Pore Glass Supports, G Controlled-Pore Glass Supports, more...

3alpha Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase, Alcohol Dehydrogenase, Aldehyde Dehydrogenase, more...

Digital Cameras For Microscopy
Color Digital Microscopy Cameras, Monochrome Digital Microscopy Cameras

Digital Microscopy Software
Digital Microscopy Software (Bitplane AG), Digital Microscopy Software (Motic Instruments), Digital Microscopy Software (PerkinElmer)

Digital Microscopy Video Cameras
Color Digital Microscopy Video Cameras, Monochrome Digital Microscopy Video Cameras

Dispensing System Software
Dispenser Software (Tecan), Dispensing System Software (Beckman Coulter)

DNA Microarrays
Arabidopsis Microarray, C elegans Microarray, Canine Microarray, more...

DNA Polymerases
DNA Polymerase I, Klenow Fragments, PFU DNA Polymerase, more...

DNA Purification
Fosmid Purification Kit

DNA Purification Aids
Spin Column Filter

Arctic Shrimp DNAse, Bovine DNAse I, Bovine DNAse I (RNase Free), more...

dCDP Deoxycytidine Diphosphate, dGDP Deoxyguanosine Diphosphate

dAMP Deoxyadenosine Diphosphate, dCMP Deoxycytidylate Diphosphate, dGMP Deoxyguanosine Diphosphate, more...

dNTP Mixes
Deoxyribonucleotide Triphosphate (dNTP) Mixes, Deoxyribonucleotide Triphosphate (dNTP) Mixes With dUTP

dNTP Salts
dATP (2"-Deoxyadenosine 5"-Triphosphate) Salts, dCTP (Deoxycytidylate Triphosphate) Salts, Deaza dGTP (Deoxyguanosine 5"-Triphosphate) Salts, more...

dNTP Solutions
dATP Deoxyadenosine Triphosphate Solutions, Deaza dGTP Solutions, Deoxycytidylate Triphosphate dCTP Solutions, more...

dNTP Kits

Drug Screening
CETP Drug Screening Kit, Oocyte Screening, Receptor Binding Assays

Electroelution Systems, Elution System Aids

Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assays (EMSA)
Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assays, Electrophoretic Mobility Supershift Assays, EMSA Consensus Oligonucleotides

Benzonase, Endonuclease IV, Endonuclease V, more...

Human Enolase, Human Neuronal Specific Enolase, Rabbit Enolase

Enterprise Management Software
Document Categorization Softwares, Electronic Lab Notebook, Enterprise Knowledge Management Softwares, more...

Enzyme Inhibitor Screening Kits
California Mastitis Test, Dioxygenase Inhibitor Assay, Kinase Assay, more...

1,5-Anhydroglucitol-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase, 3-alpha-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase, 3-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase, more...

Acetylcholinesterase, Acetylesterase, Butyrylcholinesterase, more...

Exonuclease, Exonuclease I, Exonuclease III, more...

Expression Analysis
cDNA Integrity Assays, Methylation Specific PCR Assays, RACE Primers, more...

Expression Cloning Kits
Bacterial Expression Cloning Kits, Lentiviral Expression Kits, Mammalian Expression Cloning Kits, more...

Expression Vectors
GFP expression vector, Multi Host Expression Vectors, Plant Expression Vectors, more...

Fluorescence Microscopes
Fluorescence Microscopes, Fluorescence Stereo Microscopes, Fluorescent Microscope Standards

Fluorescent Protein Vectors
Subcellular Localization Vectors

Gel Analysis Software
1D Gel Analysis Software, 2D Gel Analysis Software

Gel Documentation
Imaging System Aids, Laser Based Fluorescence Imaging, Multi Use CCD Imaging, more...

Gene Transfer
Electroporators, Electroportation Cuvettes, Lipofection, more...

Genetic Disorders Testing
Alpha-Thalassemia Kit, Automated EIA Analyzer, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) Kit, more...

Genomic DNA
Genomic DNA (Bacteria Except EColi), Genomic DNA (Bovine), Genomic DNA (c elegans), more...

Genotyping Fingerprinting Techniques
Mutation Detection Kits

Glycolytic Enzymes
Aldolase, Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6p DH), Hexokinase & G6PDH Mix, more...

Goat Plasma
Goat Plasma (Non Sterile), Goat Plasma (Sterile)

Guinea Pig Plasma
Guinea Pig Plasma (Non Sterile), Guinea Pig Plasma (Sterile)

DNA Gycoyslases, Uracil N Glycosylase

Hamster Plasma
Hamster Plasma (Non Sterile), Hamster Plasma (Sterile)

Horse Plasma
Horse Plasma (Non Sterile), Horse Plasma (Sterile)

Human Adult Tissue Phage Display Libraries
Human Adult Adipose Tissue Phage Display Libraries, Human Adult Colon Tissue Phage Display Libraries, Human Adult Gallbladder Tissue Phage Display Libraries, more...

Human Brain cDNA Libraries
Human Brain cDNA Libraries (Adult), Human Brain cDNA Libraries (Fetal)

Human cDNA Libraries
Human Heart cDNA Libraries, Human Muscle cDNA Libraries, Human Peripheral Blood cDNA Libraries, more...

Human Cell Line Phage Display Libraries
HUman Jukrat Cell Phage Display Libraries, Human Leukemia (T cell population) Phage Display Libraries, Human Monocyte Cell Phage Display Libraries, more...

Human Cytokine Micoarrays
Human Cytokine Antibody Microarrays, Human Cytokine Gene Microarrays

Human Fetal Tissue Phage Display Libraries
Human Fetal Adipose Tissue Phage Display Libraries, Human Fetal Brain Tissue Phage Display Libraries, Human Fetal Gallbladder Tissue Phage Display Libraries, more...

Human Kinases
human BLK, Human Creatine Kinases, Human Cyclin dependent Kinases, more...

Human RT PCR Kits
Human Apoptosis RT PCR Kits, Human Caspase RT PCR Kits, Human CD Antigen RT PCR Kits, more...

Human Tissue Arrays
Human Breast Receptor Control Cell Slides, Human Cardiovascular Disease Tissue Arrays, Human Neurodegenerative Tissue Arrays, more...

Image Analysis
Autoradiography Systems, Cellular Imaging, Confocal Systems, more...

Image Capture
Microscopy Imaging Filters, Photomicrographic Film Cameras, TEM Imaging

Imaging Microscopes
Confocal Laser Scanning Imaging, Digital Microscopes, Inverted Microscope Fluorescent Imaging

Imaging Software
HCS (High Content Screening) Data Management Software, Image Analysis Software, Three-dimensional Image Processing Software

Imaging System Software
Imaging System Software

In Situ Hybridization
In Situ Hybridization Kits, Slide Cover Slips

In Situ Hybridization Devices
MicroarrayISH Slide Chambers

In Vitro Transcription
In Vitro Transcription Kits, rNTPs Ribo Nucleotide Proteins, Transcription Buffers

In Vitro Transcription Translation
Coupled In Vitro Transcription Translation, In Vitro Translation Kits, In Vitro Translation RNA Controls, more...

Instrument Software
Autosampler Softwares (PerkinElmer), Balance Automation Softwares, DNA Sequencer Softwares, more...

Internal Standards
Anti sense Ribonucleic Acids (RNA) Probes, Internal Standards (Human), Internal Standards (Murine), more...

Acetate Kinase, Active ASK1, Active BLK, more...

Labeled Nucleotides
Alexa Fluor Labeled Nucleotides, Aminonaphthalenesulfonate (AmNS) Labeled Nucleotides, BODIPY Labeled Nucleotides, more...

Labeling Enzymes
Nick Translation Mixes, T4 Kinases

Labeling Mixes
DIG DNA Labeling Mixes, Fluorescein DNA Labeling Mixes

Lambda Vector Excision
Helper Phage, Lambda Vector Excision Kits

Aids, Biomedical Laser, Continous Laser Diode Systems, more...

Library Construction
cDNA Purification Kits, cDNA Size Fractionation, Genomic DNA Amplification Kits, more...

Library Construction Kits
cDNA Library Construction Kits, Genomic Library Construction Kits

Library Construction Services
BAC Library Construction Services, cDNA Library Construction Services, Cosmid Library Construction Services, more...

E Coli DNA Ligase, Ligase Buffer, T4 DNA Ligases, more...

Luciferase Assay Reagents
Luciferase, Luciferase Assay Reagents, Luciferin & Luciferase Substrates

Magnetic Bead DNA Isolation
Magnetic Particle Buffers, Streptavidin Magnetic Beads

Magnetic Separators
Magnetic Separator Aids, Magnetic Separators (24 well), Magnetic Separators (384 well), more...

Mammal Tissue
Bovine Adrenal Gland, Bovine Aorta, Bovine Brain, more...

Mammal Tissue Slides
Rat Tissue Array Slides

Mass Spectrometry Software
MS Software (Agilent), MS Software (Bruker Daltonics), MS Software (Ciphergen), more...

Methylase Alu I, Methylase Cla I, Methylase EcoR I, more...

Microarray Optimization
Microarray Optimization Kits, Microarray Spotting Solutions, Oligo Spots, more...

Microarray Printers
Automated Microarray Printers, Manual Microarray Printers, Protein Microarray Printers

Microarray Printing Slides
Microarray Printing Slides (DNA), Microarray Printing Slides (miRNA), Microarray Printing Slides (Protein)

Microarray Processing
Analyze Yeast Gene Expression, Auto 4D Microarray Hybridization, Automated Protein Microarray Processing, more...

Microarray Production
96 well Microarray Printing Plates, Microarray Print Heads, UV Crosslinker Aids

Microarray Scanner Software
Microarray Scanner Software

Microarray Scanners
4D Microarray Scanners, Automatic Microarray Slide Handler, Microarray Scanner Aids, more...

Microarray Services
Custom 4D Microarrays, Microarray Design Services, Microarray Processing & Analysis Services, more...

Microcentrifuges, Personal Microcentrifuges, Refrigerated Microcentrifuges

Microfluidic Chip Technology
Cell Analysis LabChipAndreg Kits, Cell Analysis Modules, DNA LabChipAndreg Kits, more...

Microplate Genomic DNA Purification Kits
Microplate Blood DNA Purification Kits, Microplate Microbial DNA Purification Kits, Microplate Plant DNA Purification Kits, more...

Microplate Reader Software
Microplate Reader Software

Microscope Objectives
Inverted Microscope Objectives, Microscope Objectives

Binocular Microscopes, Cryomicroscopes, Electron Microprobe, more...

Autofluorescence Eliminating Reagent, Gram Staining Kits, LCM Caps, more...

Microscopy Aids
Automated Imaging Slide Racks, Benches, Bulbs, more...

Microtome Aids
Radial Microtome Aids, Sliding Microtome Aids, Vibratory Microtome Aids

Microtome Freezing Stages, Radial Microtomes, Sliding Microtomes, more...

Miscellaneous Microarray
Antigen Microarray Kits, Cancer Biomarker Array Kits, cDNA Normalization Kits, more...

Modified Nucleotides
Alpha Thio Phosphate Nucleotides, Methylated Nucleotides, Modified Uridine

Modifying Enzymes
DNA Polymerases, DNAses, Polymerases, Thermostable, more...

Molecular Biology Buffers
CEB Buffer, Ethidium Bromide, Magnesium Chloride, more...

Molecular Biology Reagents
1,1"-Dianthrimide, 1,1"-Diethyl-2,2"-Carbocyanine Iodide, 1,2,5-Trihydroxy Pentane, more...

Mouse cDNA Libraries
Mouse Brain cDNA Libraries, Mouse Embryo cDNA Libraries, Mouse Liver cDNA Libraries, more...

Mouse Plasma
Mouse Plasma (Non Sterile), Mouse Plasma (Sterile)

Multiplex Assay Systems Software
Multiplex Assay System Software

Multiplex PCR Kits
Canine Cytokine Multiplex PCR Kits, Monkey Multiplex PCR Kits, Multiplex PCR Kits (Miscellaneous), more...

Murine Tissue Phage Display Libraries
Murine Brain Tissue Phage Display Library, Murine Colon Tissue Phage Display Library, Murine Heart Tissue Phage Display Library, more...

Murine Tissue Slides
Murine Tissue Array Slide

Collagenase Digestible Protein CDP, GDP Guanosine 5"-diphosphate, Ribo Nucleotide Proteins ADP, more...

Nitrocellulose Blotting Membranes
Nitrocellulose Filter Paper Sandwiches

Nitrocellulose Discs
Nitrocellulose Discs, Supported Nitrocellulose Discs

Nitrocellulose Rolls
Nitrocellulose Rolls, Supported Nitrocellulose Rolls

Nitrocellulose Sheets
Nitrocellulose Sheets, Supported Nitrocellulose Sheets

Adenosine 5"-Monophosphate AMP, cAMP, cCMP Cytidine 2",3"-cyclic Monophosphate, more...

Non isotopic Probe Labeling Kits
RNA Amplification Kits

Nothern Southern Blot Kits
Northern Blot Kits, Southern Blot Kits

ATP, CTP, GTP, more...

Duplex Specific Nucleases, Micrococcal Nuclease, Mung Bean Nuclease, more...

Nucleic Acid Analysis Dev5ces
Nucleic Acid Crystallization Kits

Nucleic Acid Analysis Devices
Automated DNA Extraction, Automated Sequencers, Automated Workstations, more...

Nucleic Acid Analysis Kits
2-hybrid Analysis, cDNA Subtraction, cDNA Synthesis, more...

Nucleic Acid Blotting
Nucleic Acid Hybridization Blockers

Nucleic Acid Detection
Differential Gene Expression Kits, Intracellular Nucleic Acid Localization Kits, Mitochondrial DNA Isolation Kit, more...

Nucleic Acid Lab Devices
Electrophoresis, Electrophoresis Devices

Nucleic Acid Labeling
Beta Shielding, Chemiluminescent Labeling Reagents, Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH), more...

Nucleic Acid Modification
Chromatin Shearing Kits, DNA Methylation Kits

Nucleic Acid Purification
Agarose Gel Digestion, cDNA Selection & Isolation Kits, DNARNA Co Precipitants, more...

Nucleic Acid Purification Reagents
Lipid Adsorption Reagents, Total RNA DNA & Protein Isolation Solutions

Nucleic Acid Quantitation
Biotin Quantitation Assays, dsDNA Quantitation Kits, RNA Quantitation Kits, more...

Nucleic Acid Sequencing
Deletion Kits, DNA Sequencing Services, Sequencing Template Controls, more...

Nucleic Acid Stains
Acridine Orange, DAPI, Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stains (Miscellaneous), more...

Nucleic Acid Synthesis
Oligonucleotide Extinction Coefficient Kits, Polymethacrylate Supports

Nucleic Acid Synthesis Columns
Empty DNA Synthesis Columns, Synthesis & Purification Columns

Nucleic Acid Synthesis Reagents
Miscellaneous Nucleic Acid Synthesis Reagents

Nucleic Acids
Deoxynucleotides, DNA Probes, DNA, Expression-ready cDNAs, more...

Cap Analog Nucleotides

Nylon Blotting Discs
Nylon Blotting Discs (Charged), Nylon Blotting Discs (uncharged)

Nylon Blotting Membranes
Nylon Blotting Butterfly, Nylon Blotting Sheets (microplate)

Nylon Blotting Rolls
Nylon Blotting Rolls (charged), Nylon Blotting Rolls (uncharged)

Nylon Blotting Sheets
Nylon Blotting Sheets (charged), Nylon Blotting Sheets (uncharged)

Oligo Purification
Oligo Purification Columns, Oligo Purification TFA

Oligonucleotide Synthesis Services
Oligo Synthesis Services

Ovine Plasma
Ovine Plasma (Non Sterile), Ovine Plasma (Sterile)

Acyl Coenzyme A Oxidase, Alcohol Oxidase, Amino Acid Oxidase, more...

Patch Clamping
Patch Clamp Glass, Patch Clamp Measurement Plates

PCR Amplicon Detection
Biotinylated Amplicon ELISA Kits, DIG Control DNA, DIG Detection ELISA Kits, more...

PCR Buffer Optimization
PCR Buffer Optimization Kits, PCR Optimization Buffers

PCR Cloning Kits
A Addition Kits

PCR Comprehensive Expression Profiling
PCR Based Expression Profiling (Drosophilla), PCR Based Expression Profiling (Human)

PCR Consumables
PCR Tube Trays, Real Time PCR Capillaries

PCR Devices
Link-FASTT 5 Minutes DNA Ligation Kit, PCR Capping Tools, PCR Hoods, more...

PCR Kits
Conventional PCR Thermal Cyclers, DOP PCR Kits, Gene Walking PCR Kits, more...

PCR Primers
Microbial ORFs PCR Primers, Miscellaneous PCR Primers

PCR Reaction Purification
Enzymatic Reaction DNA Purification Kits, PCR Purification Reagents

PCR Reagents
Metal Chelating Resins, PCR Enhancers, PCR Normalizers

Dual PCR Optimization Kits, PCR Controls, Real Time PCR Plasmid Standards

Peptide Display
E coli Display Libraries, E coli Panning Kits, E coli Peptide Display Kits, more...

Phage Display Libraries
Human Phage Display Libraries, Human Phage Display Libraries (Diseased)

Bacterial Alkaline Phosphatase, Calf Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase, Glucose 6 Phosphatase, more...

Piezo Devices
Piezo Controller Cards, Piezo Controllers, Piezo Linear Motors, more...

Bovine Plasma, Donkey Plasma, Duck Plasma, more...

Poly A Tailing
Poly A Tailing Kits, Poly(A) Polymerase

PARP (Cleaved) Polyclonal Ab, PARP Monoclonal Ab, PARP Polyclonal Antibody, more...

Poly A, Poly C, Poly dA, more...

Printable cDNA Kits
CD34+ Cells cDNA, Mouse cDNA Kits, Rat cDNA Kits

Printable Oligo Kits
Human Genome Oligo Kits, Mouse Genome Oligo Kits, Rat Genome Oligo Kits

Printed Microarrays
Peptide Microarrays, Protein Microarrays

Carboxypeptidase A1 (CPA1) pAb, Carboxypeptidase A2 (CPA2) pAb, Carboxypeptidases, more...

Protein Analysis Devices
Amino Acid Analyzers, Biosensors, GFP Quantitation Kit, more...

Protein Analysis Reagents
Amino Acid Analysis, Amino Acids, Protected, Coupling Agents, more...

PVDF Blotting Membranes
PVDF Blotting Rolls, PVDF Blotting Sheets

Rabbit Kinases
Rabbit Creatine Kinase, Rabbit Kinases

Rabbit Plasma
Rabbit Plasma (Non Sterile), Rabbit Plasma (Sterile)

Rat Kinases
Rat JNKSAPK, Rat Kinases, Rat MAP Kinase, more...

Rat Plasma
Rat Plasma (Non Sterile), Rat Plasma (Sterile)

RBC Sera Tissues
Buffy Coat Concentrate, Gamma Globulin Fractions, Washed Pooled Cells

Real Time Immuno PCR Kits
Goat Immunoglobulin G Real Time I PCR Kits, Horse Real Time I PCR Kits, Human Immunoglobulin G Real Time I PCR Kits, more...

Real Time Oligo Synthesis
Dual Labeled Probe Synthesis, Fluorogenic Hybridization Oligo Synthesis

Real Time PCR
Passive Reference Dyes, Quantitative PCR Labels, Real Time PCR Buffers

Real Time PCR Kits
Real Time PCR Control Kits, Real Time PCR Kits, Real Time PCR Kits (Beer Screening), more...

Aldose Reductase, Cytochrome C Reductase, Dihydrofolate Reductase, more...

Replacement Lamps & Bulbs
Stratagene Replacement Lamps, Zeiss Replacement Lamps

Reverse Transcriptase
AMV Reverse Transcriptase, HIV Reverse Transcriptase, MMLV Reverse Transcriptase, more...

Ribonuclease Protection Assays
Control RNA

Bovine RNA, Dog RNA, Ecoli RNA, more...

RNA IsolationPurification
miRNA Isolation Kits, RNA & Protein Isolation Kits, SlideTissue RNA Isolation Kits

RNA Labeling Mixes
Biotin RNA Labeling Mixes, DIG RNA Labeling Mixes, Fluorescein RNA Labeling Mixes

RNA Polymerases
E Coli RNA Polymerase, Hypothetical protein PD2, Paf1 Polyclonal Antibody, more...

RNase A, RNase Cocktail, RNase H, more...

RPA Kits & Reagents
RPA Kits, RPA Reagents

Housekeeping Gene RT PCR Primers, RNA Stabilization, RT PCR Standards

Real Time RT PCR Kits

Nano Focus Piezo Scanners, Optics Scanners

Sequencing Reagents
3X SDS-PAGE Loading Buffer, Manual Sequencing Buffers, Sequenase, more...

Serine Threonine Kinases
Active NEK2, Active NEK6, Active NEK7, more...

Signal Amplification
cDNA Probe Labeling Kits w Signal Amplification

Signal Tranduction Vectors
Cis Reporter Vectors, Trans Reporter Vectors

Simian Plasma
Simian Plasma (Non Sterile), Simian Plasma (Sterile)

siRNA (RNAi)
Antisense Oligonucleotides, Gene Specific si(RNA) Vectors & Kits, Gene Specific siRNA Vectors & Kits, more...

SNP Genotyping
SNP Assay Scoring & Analysis Services

Specialty Amidities
Biotin Amidites, Thiol Modifiers

Spectrophotometer Software
Spectrophotometer Software Agilent Technologies, Spectrophotometer Software Bio Rad, Spectrophotometer Software PerkinElmer

Galactosidase Substrates
ONPG, Galactosidase Substrates (Chemiluminescent), Galactosidase Substrates (Fluorogenic)

Miscellaneous Stage, Piezo Stage, Translational Stage

Stereo Microscopes
Stereo Microscope

SV40 DNA Replication
SV40 DNA Replication Kit, SV40 Large T Antigens

Synthesis Devices
DNA Synthesis, Peptide Synthesizers, Protein Production

Tag Removal Enzymes
Enterokinases, Factor Xa, Tag Removal Enzymes

Thermal Cycler Aids
Accessory Blocks, Thermal Cycler Aid

Thermal Cyclers (Thermocyclers)
Real Time PCR Thermal Cycler (Thermocyclers), Thermal Cycler (Thermocyclers), Thermal Cycler (Thermocyclers) 96 Well, more...

Thermostable Polymerases
High Fidelity Hot Start Polymerases, Hot Start Polymerase

Tissue Array Slides
Interspecies Tissue Array Slide, Rabbit Tissue Array Slide, Tissue Array Slide

Tissue Arraying
Tissue Arrayer Aid, Tissue Arrayers

Tissue Paraffin Blocks
Custom Tissue Array Paraffin Block, Human Tissue Blocks, Human Tissue Blocks (Diseased), more...

Tissue Samples
Human Tissue Samples

Tracking Dyes
Bromophenol Blues, Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Compatible Tracking Dye, Pyronin Y, more...

Glutamate Oxaloacetate Transaminase (GOT), Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase (GPT), Glutamic Oxala0cetic Transaminase, more...

Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT), Arylamine acetyltransferase, Carnitine Acetyltransferase, more...

Ecoli Transformation Kits, Transformation Reagents, Transformation Systems, more...

Transgenic Animals & Aids
In Vivo Electroporation Electrodes, Transgenic Mice Assay Materials, Transgenic Mice Lines, more...

Dual Wavelength Transilluminators, Single Wavelength Transilluminators, White Light Transilluminators

Transposon Tools
Transposon Construct Vectors

Two Hybrid Systems
2 Hybrid Assays, 2 Hybrid System Construction Kits, 2 Hybrid Vectors

Tyrosine Kinases
amplified in Breast Cancer-1, Anti-SRC3 Polyclonal antibody, CBI-Interacting protein, more...

Uracil DNA Glycosylase
Uracil DNA Glycosylase, Uracil DNA Glycosylase Buffer

Vacuum Systems Pumps & Manifolds
Vacuum Manifold Aids, Vacuum Manifolds, Vacuum Pumps, more...

Vector Construction
Adapters Cassettes, Promoter Elements, Recombination Enzyme Mixes, more...

Epitope Tag Systems, Gene Targeting, Miscellaneous Vectors, more...

Virus Purification
PEG Virus Precipitation Kit, Solid Phase Virus Isolation Reagent

H20 (3H), H20 (DEPC), H20 (Distilled), more...

Yeast Kinases
Yeast Hexokinase, Yeast Kinases, Yeast Myokinase

Yeast RNA
Yeast RNA, Yeast t RNA

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