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Absorbent Paper
(2 suppliers)

Acrylic Filter Bag
(2 suppliers)

Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter
(2 suppliers)

Analytical Tests Kits
(5 suppliers)

Antibiotic Zone Reader
(2 suppliers)

Antistatic Filter Bag
(2 suppliers)

Autoclavable Laboratory Fermenter
(11 suppliers)

Bacteriological Petri Dishes
(8 suppliers)

Bag Container
(3 suppliers)

Biological Buffers
(62 suppliers)

Brain Matrices
(2 suppliers)

Building Blocks
(9 suppliers)

(18 suppliers)

CA Membrane Filter
(3 suppliers)

CA Syringe Filter
(3 suppliers)

Capsule Filter
(3 suppliers)

Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Cartridge Filter
(2 suppliers)

Cell-selection Systems
(2 suppliers)

Centrifuge Tubes
(21 suppliers)

Ceramic Membrane Systems
(5 suppliers)

Chromogenic Compound Libraries
(2 suppliers)

(20 suppliers)

Clean Room Bench / Desk Chairs / Stools
(5 suppliers)

Compound libraries
(3 suppliers)

Compound Libraries for HT Screening
(3 suppliers)

(13 suppliers)

(18 suppliers)

Crushers / Grinders
(15 suppliers)

(2 suppliers)

Data Acquisition Equipment for Flow Cytometry
(3 suppliers)

Data Acquistion Hardware & Software
(4 suppliers)

(4 suppliers)

Desiccants / Desiccators
(28 suppliers)

Digital Electrochemical Amperometric Detector
(2 suppliers)

Disposable Syringes
(2 suppliers)

Dissecting Kit
(2 suppliers)

Double-Action Syringes
(2 suppliers)

Dry Heating Blocks, Digital
(2 suppliers)

Dust Collector Filter Bag
(2 suppliers)

Ecopots, Biodegradable
(2 suppliers)

Electrophysiology Amplifiers
(5 suppliers)

Elisa Plate
(3 suppliers)

(32 suppliers)

Fiberglass Air Filter
(2 suppliers)

Filter Bag Laminated PTFE Membrane
(2 suppliers)

Focused Libraries
(3 suppliers)

Gas Chromatograph Device
(13 suppliers)

Genomic Suites
(2 suppliers)

Glass Fiber Filter Bag
(2 suppliers)

Graduated Cylinders
(4 suppliers)

Growth Chambers
(9 suppliers)

Handheld Temperature Meter and Probes
(3 suppliers)

High Voltage Cables
(2 suppliers)

HIV-1 RNA Detection Assays
(2 suppliers)

Hollow Fiber Dialysis
(2 suppliers)

(63 suppliers)

Homology and Similarity Products
(2 suppliers)

Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems
(12 suppliers)

(4 suppliers)

Humidity Controllers Digital
(3 suppliers)

Immunoassay Analyzer
(7 suppliers)

Lab Chemicals, Bulk
(5 suppliers)

Lab Devices, Needles
(13 suppliers)

Lab Devices, Optional Attachments
(3 suppliers)

Lab Devices, Pulverizers
(14 suppliers)

Lab Dialysis
(2 suppliers)

Labels / Labeling & Identification
(30 suppliers)

Laboratory Chemicals & Reagents
(11 suppliers)

Laboratory Disposables
(4 suppliers)

Laboratory Filtration
(2 suppliers)

Laboratory Organizers
(2 suppliers)

Laboratory Syringes
(4 suppliers)

LAL Reagent Grade Multi-well Plates
(2 suppliers)

Laser Microscopy Workstation
(2 suppliers)

Laser Scissors
(2 suppliers)

Laser Tweezers
(2 suppliers)

Ligand-Based Target-Focused Libraries
(2 suppliers)

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer
(5 suppliers)

Liquid Filter Bag
(2 suppliers)

Magnetic Stirrers
(17 suppliers)

Manual Syringe Drive
(2 suppliers)

(13 suppliers)

MCE Cartridge Filter
(2 suppliers)

Melt Blown Filter Bag
(2 suppliers)

Meltblown Cartridge Filter
(2 suppliers)

Membrane Bioreactor
(9 suppliers)

Membrane Dialysis
(2 suppliers)

Membrane Dialysis Accessories
(2 suppliers)

Membrane Filters
(6 suppliers)

Membrane Media
(2 suppliers)

Membrane Oxygenators
(2 suppliers)

Micro Sprayer
(3 suppliers)

Micro Syringes
(3 suppliers)

Micro Weighing Funnels
(2 suppliers)

Microbe Detection Device
(2 suppliers)

Microbiology Test Membrane
(2 suppliers)

Microwell Washer
(3 suppliers)

(22 suppliers)

Misting Units
(2 suppliers)

Mixed Mode SPE Columns
(3 suppliers)

Mixed Mode SPE Microplates
(2 suppliers)

Mixing Vessels For Using Magnetic Agitators
(3 suppliers)

Multi-Channel Charge Acquisition Systems
(2 suppliers)

Multi-well Plates
(4 suppliers)

Multiplo Rapid HIV/HCV Antibody Test
(3 suppliers)

Needled Felt Filter Bag
(2 suppliers)

NMO Mesh Filter Bag
(2 suppliers)

Non-invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring
(2 suppliers)

Nylon Cartridge Filter
(2 suppliers)

Nylon Mesh Filter
(2 suppliers)

Optical Signal Acquisition Systems
(2 suppliers)

Oxygenating Chamber
(2 suppliers)

Ozone Generation Systems
(3 suppliers)

Panel Filters
(2 suppliers)

Par Lamps
(2 suppliers)

Par Lamps With Simulators
(2 suppliers)

PC Membrane Filter
(3 suppliers)

Permeation Tubes
(2 suppliers)

PES Cartridge Filter
(2 suppliers)

PES Membrane
(3 suppliers)

PET Filter Bag
(2 suppliers)

pH Indicator Paper
(2 suppliers)

Pharmacogenetic Microarray-based Analyzer
(2 suppliers)

Photoperiodic Castor Racks
(2 suppliers)

Photosynthesis Panel
(2 suppliers)

PID Lamps
(2 suppliers)

Pipette Tips
(16 suppliers)

(8 suppliers)

Plastic Cuvettes
(8 suppliers)

Pocket Filters
(2 suppliers)

Power Supplies & Monitors
(17 suppliers)

PP Cartridge Filter
(2 suppliers)

PP Membrane Filter
(3 suppliers)

PP Mesh Filter
(2 suppliers)

PPS Filter Bag
(2 suppliers)

Prescreened Libraries for Cancer Research
(2 suppliers)

Process Filtration
(2 suppliers)

Protein Function Analysis
(6 suppliers)

PTFE Cartridge Filter
(2 suppliers)

PTFE Filter Bag
(2 suppliers)

PTFE Membrane
(3 suppliers)

PVDF Cartridge Filter
(2 suppliers)

PVDF Membrane Filter
(3 suppliers)

PVDF Syringe Filter
(4 suppliers)

Qualitative Filter Paper
(4 suppliers)

Quantitative Filter Paper
(4 suppliers)

Quartz Cuvette
(3 suppliers)

Quartz Fiber Filter
(2 suppliers)

Rapid Blood Test for Antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2
(2 suppliers)

Rapid HBV Test
(3 suppliers)

Rapid HCV Test
(4 suppliers)

Rapid HIV Test
(6 suppliers)

Rapid HIV-1 Antibody Test
(4 suppliers)

Rapid Oral Fluid Test for Antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2
(2 suppliers)

Rapid Urine Test for Antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV- 2
(2 suppliers)

Rat and Mouse Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Systems
(2 suppliers)

RC Membrane Filter
(3 suppliers)

Readymade Analytical Reagents
(3 suppliers)

Readymade Stains Kit
(2 suppliers)

Recetor-Based Target-Focused Libraries
(2 suppliers)

Reverse Flow Safety Workstation
(2 suppliers)

Room Temperature Controller
(2 suppliers)

Root Trainers
(2 suppliers)

Rotating Mixers
(3 suppliers)

Sensor Interface Boards
(2 suppliers)

Sensor Interface Cables
(2 suppliers)

Sequence Analysis
(4 suppliers)

Serological Pipettes
(24 suppliers)

Small Animal Laboratory Equipment
(3 suppliers)

Spot Recovery Pipettes
(2 suppliers)

Stains And Indicators Solutions
(5 suppliers)

Standard Laboratory Bench Chairs
(2 suppliers)

Static Control Bench Chairs
(2 suppliers)

Sterile Syringe Filters
(6 suppliers)

Sterilisable Laboratory Fermenter
(6 suppliers)

(31 suppliers)

Stills, Laboratory
(17 suppliers)

Streaking Pipette
(6 suppliers)

Streptavidin Affinity Columns
(3 suppliers)

Structural Analysis Devices
(2 suppliers)

Synthesizers, Organic Chemistry
(11 suppliers)

Synthetic Air Filter Rolls & Pads
(2 suppliers)

System Biology Software
(4 suppliers)

Test Tubes with Rim
(2 suppliers)

Timers / Timing Devices
(19 suppliers)

(23 suppliers)

(15 suppliers)

Ultrasound Biomicroscopy Systems
(4 suppliers)

UV Lamps
(4 suppliers)

Vacuum Concentrators
(12 suppliers)

Variable Speed Rotating Mixers
(4 suppliers)

Volumetric Pipettes
(13 suppliers)

Washers, Automatic
(8 suppliers)

Washers, Glassware
(13 suppliers)

Washing Machines, Labware
(8 suppliers)

Water and Oil resistant Filter Bag
(2 suppliers)

Weigh Dishes, Aluminum
(12 suppliers)

Wound Cartridge Filter
(2 suppliers)


2D Lab Devices

Amino Acid Analysis
Amino Acid Analyzers, Amino Acid Standard Solutions, Bench Top Analyzer, more...

Sensors, Transducer Amplifiers

Analgesia Meters
Hot Plate Analgesia Meters, Incapacitance Meters, Paw Pressure Analgesia Meter, more...

Anatomy & Development of Lab Animals Texts
Murine Anatomy Texts, Rat Anatomy Texts

Animal Containment Devices
Injection Cone (Containment), Plastic Containment

Animal Function (Pharmocology / Neurobiology)
Blood Pressure Meters, Electroconvulsive Devices, Flat Tread Mills, more...

Animal Restraints
Head & Tail Access Restraints, Head Access Restraints, Rabbit Restraints, more...

Anti Vibration
Armrests, Casters

Anxiety & Avoidance
Hole Boards, Passive Avoidance Step Down, Passive Avoidance Step Through, more...

Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Nebulizers, Atomic Absorption Spectrometers

Automated Immunostaining
Automated Immunostainer Aids, Automated Immunostainers

Automated Microplate Handling
Barcode Printer & Application Systems

Analytical Balances, Animal Balances, Lab Devices Analytical Balances, more...

Circulator Baths, Constant Temperature Baths, Constant Temperature, Water Baths, more...

Graduated Beakers, Non Graduated Beakers

Benchtop Centrifuges
Benchtop Centrifuges, Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuges

Bevellers Grinders
Rotary Plate

Bioamplifiers & Signal Conditioners
Bioamplifier Cables, Bioamplifier Lead Wire, Bioamplifier Power Supplies, more...

Biochemistry Books, Immunology Books, Microbiology Books, more...

Aspirator Bottles, Bottle Caps, Cell Culture Bottles, more...

Brain Atlases
Hamster Brain Atlases, Human Brain Atlases, Monkey Brain Atlases, more...

Burette Stopcocks, Burettes

Calibration Solutions
Arrayer Calibration Solutions, Miscellaneous Calibration Solutions, pH Calibration Solutions

Polaroid Luminometer Cameras

Capillary Tubes (Capillary Micropipets)
Calibrated Capillary Tubes, Capillary Tube Aids, Hematocrit Tubes, more...

Carbon Dioxide Monitors
Carbon Dioxide Monitor Aids, Carbon Dioxide Monitors

Carts (Acid Corrosive Chemical Transport), Carts (Flammable Chemical Transport), Carts (General)

Cautery System Aids, Cautery Systems

Cell Analysis Devices
Cell Analysis System Modules, Cell Analysis Systems, Cell Counting & Viability Analysis, more...

Cell Penetration
Cell Penetrator Aids, Cell Penetrators (Recording)

CellTissue Support
Brain Slice Chamber System

Cell Washers, Centrifuge Aids, Centrifuge Rotors, more...

Chromatography (HPLC/IC)
Aids, Chromatography Devices, Chromatography Mixers, more...

Laminar Flow Hoods, Modular Cleanrooms

Combinatorial Chemistry
Chiral Selection Kits, Parallel Chemical Purification, Parallel Chemical Synthesis, more...

Complete Fiber Optics
Cold Light Systems, Hot Light Systems

Compound Library
In-House Stock Collecting, Noteworthy Compounds, Scaffold Database, more...

Computer Systems & Printers
Computer Systems

Connector Adaptors (Data Acquisition)
Data Acquisition Calibrators, Data Acquisition Connector Adaptors

Colony ID Labels

Cryostat Aids
Cryostat Anti Roll Plates, Cryostat Consumables, Cryostat Knives & Blades, more...

Desiccator Cabinets (Non vacuum), Desiccators Bell Jars, Knob Top Desiccators (Non Vacuum)

Diagnostic Platforms
Affirm r Drug Test, Lateral Flow Diagnostic Devices, Microarray Chips, more...

Filter Dispensers

Dispensing Systems, Handheld Dispensers, Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Workstation, more...

Dissolution Testing
Dissolution Systems

Drill Bits Cutters & Grinders, Drill Value Packages, Flexible Drive Shaft Drill Aids, more...

Dry Block Heating
Dry Block Heaters, Dry Block Heaters Stirrers, Heater Blocks

Electrodes, General, pH, Combination Electrodes, pH, Electrodes, more...

Aids, Apparatus, Electrotransfer Membranes, more...

Electrophoresis Devices
Electrophoresis Cleaning Solutions, Gradient Makers

Electrophoresis Systems
Automatic Lab Devices, Lipoprotein Lab Devices, Nucleic Acid Purification Fractionator, more...

Empty Columns
Empty Columns, Empty Columns (Spin)

Environmental Chambers
Environmental Chambers, Environmental Chambers, Refrigerated, Metabolism Chambers, more...

Fatty Acid Mass Spectrometry Standards
Arachidonic Acid Mass Spec Stds, Fatty Acid Glycerol Ester Mass Spec Stds, Linoelic Acid Mass Spec Stds

Fiber Optic Illumination
Fiber Optic Light Guides

Fiber Optic Pipes
Probe Set Fiber Optic Pipes, Single Fiber Optic Pipes

Boiling Flasks, Distilling Flasks, Filtering Flasks, more...

Floor Centrifuges
Floor Centrifuges, Refrigerated Floor Centrifuges, Ultracentrifuges

Fluid Swivels
Dual Channel Fluid Swivels, Fluid Swivel Access Ports, Fluid Swivel Catheters, more...

Fluorescence Luminescence Detection Instruments
Fluid Transfer Multi Detection Microplate Readers, Fluorescent Standards (Microplate Readers), Fluorometer Excitation Emission Filters, more...

Fluorescence Polarization
Fluorescence Polarization Instrument Aids, Fluorescence Polarization Instruments, FP Reference Standards

Fluorescent Cellular Imaging
High Content Screening Products, Image Cytometers

Fluorescent Microspheres (Antibody Coated)
Anti Caspase Microspheres, TNP OVA Microspheres

Fluorescent Microspheres (Common Targets)
Fluorescent Microspheres (Amine Coated), Fluorescent Microspheres (Avidin Coated), Fluorescent Microspheres (Biotin Coated), more...

Fluorescent Microspheres (Specific Targets)
Microspheres (Collagen Coated)

Fluorescent Microspheres (Uncoated)
Tracer Microspheres

Fraction Collection
Fraction Collector Aids, Fraction Collector Tubes

Freeze Drying
Freeze Dryer Aids, Freeze Dryer Manifolds, Freeze Dryers, more...

Buchner Funnels, Hirsch Funnels, Long Stem Funnels, more...

Animal Bedding Disposal Cabinets, Benches, Laminar Flow, Cabinets, more...

Gas Anesthesia Devices
Anesthesia Flowmeters, Gas Anesthesia Aids, Gas Anesthesia Masks, more...

Gas Generator Systems
Hydrogen Generators, Nitrogen Gas Generator

Gel Drying Devices
Gel Dryer Aids, Gel Dryers, Gel Drying Frames

General Devices
Autoclaves, Chemical Reaction Monitoring System, Chemical Wet Process Stations, more...

Glove Dispensers, Nitrile Gloves

Heating & Cooling Devices
2-Position Electronic Chilling/Heating Dry Bath, Analog Hot Plates & Stirrers, Chillers, Recirculating, more...

High Throughput Automation
Automated Antigen Retrieval System, Automated Assay Miniaturization, Automated Blood Sampling System, more...

High Throughput Devices
Automated Liquid Handling, Automated Microplate Incubators, Compound Library Management, more...

High Throughput Electroporation
Electroporation Buffers, Electroporation Plate Handlers, High Throughput Multi Well Electroporators, more...

Histology Devices
Engravers, Microwave Systems, Paraffin Block Coolers, more...

Automated Homogenizing Station, Homogenizer Kits, Homogenizer, Cell Deaggregation, more...

Animal Use Hoods, Biological Safety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, more...

HPLC Columns
Ion moderated Partition HPLC Columns, Size Exclusion Columns

ID Systems
Ear Marking / Punching Systems, Electronic ID Value Packages, Implantable ID Systems

Illumination Sources
Color Intensity Regulated Illumination Sources, Hot Light (No Filter Holder IR included), Standard Illumination Sources

Digital Film Recorders, Image Acquisition Boards, Scanners

Imaging Systems
Cabinet X Ray Imaging Systems, FT IR Imaging Systems, Infrared Fluorescence Imaging Systems, more...

Innoculating Loops
Loops, NeedesStabs

Ion Exchange HPLC Columns
Strong Cation HPLC Columns, Weak Anion HPLC Columns

Isolated Organ Bath
Isolated Heart Systems, Isolated Organ Systems, Isolated Tissue Bath Systems, more...

Animal Jars, Cylindrical Jars, Display Jars, more...

Labeling Devices
Freezer Labels, Label Printers

Laboratory Freezers
Cryogenic Freezers, Laboratory Freezers (20C), Laboratory Freezers (30AnddegC), more...

Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory Refrigerators
Glass Door Laboratory Refrigerators, Stainless Steel Laboratory Refrigerators, Undercounter Refrigerators

Aluminum Seal Removers, Chemistry Dishes, Concentrator Apparatus, more...

LC MS Systems
LC MS Systems, LC NMR MSn Systems

Libraries, Combinatorial Building Block, Libraries, Historical Compounds, Libraries, Lead Generation

Liquid Handling
Labware, Pipettes, Pipettors, more...

Luminometers & Aids
Luminometer Cuvettes, Luminometer Light Standards, Luminometers

MALDI Target Prep
MALDI Spot Kits, MALDI Target Plates

Mass Spectrometers
CE MS Systems, Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometers, GC MS Systems, more...

Mass Spectrometry
Ion Sources, ProteinChip Kits

Mass Spectrometry Standards
HMW Mass Spectrometry Standards, LMW Mass Spectrometry Standards, Oxylipin Mass Spec Standards, more...

Metabolism Monitoring
Metabolism Monitor Aids, Metabolism Monitor Air Pumps, Metabolism Monitor Expansion Chambers, more...

Calorimeters, Colorimeters, Fluid meters, more...

Murine Methods Devices

Anaerobic Devices, Bacteriological Cultures, Bacteriological Testing Devices, more...

Microcentrifuge Tubes
Microcentrifuge Tubes (Capless), Microcentrifuge Tubes (Screw Cap), Microcentrifuge Tubes (Snap Cap)

Microforge Aids, Microforge Optics, Microforges

Cell Penetrators (Cell Injection), Microinjection Systems, Microinjector Aids, more...

Cell Transfer, Microdrives, Micromanipulator Controller Remotes, more...

Micromanipulators (1 Probe), Micromanipulators (2 Probe), Micromanipulators (Mechanical Joystick), more...

Microplate Readers
Chemiluminescence Readers, Fluorescence Intensity Readers, Fluorescence Polarization, more...

Microplate Reagents
Analyte Quantitation, Liposome Delivery, Plate-based Plasmid Purification, more...

Microplate Supplies
Biotin Capture Membranes, Biotin Capture Plates, Filter Microplates, more...

Binding Filter Microplates, Microplate Lids, Microplates (1536 well), more...

Microplates (96 well)
Deepwell Microplates (96 well), ELISA Microplates (96 well), Flat Bottom Microplates (96 well), more...

Microplates (Coated)
Activated Microplates, Avidin CovaLinked 96-well Plates, Microplates Anti Biotin, more...

Microplates Steptavidin coated
Microplates Steptavidin coated (384 Well Plate), Microplates Steptavidin coated (8 Well Strip), Microplates Steptavidin coated (96 Well Plate)

Microscopy Consumables
Slide Sealing Reagent

Microsphere Analysis
Controls & Standards For Chemokine Microsphere Assays, Controls & Standards For Cytokine Microsphere Assays, Controls & Standards For Growth Factor Microsphere Assays, more...

Microsphere Analysis Reagents
Miscellaneous Reagents For Microsphere Analysis, Serum Diluents For Microsphere Analysis

Non Fluorescent Microspheres (Uncoated), Uncoated Fluorescent Microspheres For Controls / Calibration

Microspheres Fluorescent Carboxylate Coated
Carboxylate Modified Microspheres, Carboxylated Microsphere Kits

Mixers, Stirrers, Shakers
Blenders, Mixers, Shakers, more...

Molecular & Cell Biology Books
Bioinformatics Genomics Books, Cancer Related Books, Cell Culture Books, more...

Air Monitors, Chart Recorders, Environmental Monitors, more...

Mortars & Pestles
Crucibles, Micropestles, Tissue Grinders

Motor Function
Activity Monitors, Free Running, Grip Strength Meters, more...

Multichannel Pipettes
Pipettes 16 Channel, Pipettes 96 Channel

Nervous System Texts
Rat Nervous Systems Texts, Sheep Nervous System Texts

Neurobiology Devices
Iontophoresis Current Sources

NMR Tubes

Particle Analyzers
Electrosensing Detectors, Particle Shape Analyzers, Pore Analyzers

In Vivo Perfusion Systems, Perfusion Chambers, Perfusion System Aids, more...

pH Meters
Handheld pH Meters, pHTemp Meters, pHTempmV Meters, more...

Printers & Supplies
Printers, Thermal Printer Paper

Protein Extraction
Extraction Kit Components, Protein Extraction Kits, Protein Extraction Kits (Bacteria), more...

Protein Quantitation
Protein Quantitation Aids, Protein Quantitation Kits, Protein Quantitation Reagents, more...

Proteomics Tools
Protein Analysis Systems

Pumps, Centrifugal, Pumps, Diaphragm, Pumps, Dispensing, more...

Radiolabeled Microspheres
Microspheres (Gadolinium 153), Microspheres (Indium 114), Microspheres (Niobium 95), more...

Radiometric Detectors
Gamma Counters, Liquid Scintillation Counters

Reagent Reservoirs
Multichannel Reagent Reservoirs, Standard Reagent Reservoirs

Repeat Pipettors
Electronic Repeat Pipettors, Manual Repeat Pipettors

Sacrifice Devices
Cervical Dislocator, Decapitators, Microwave Fixation Aids, more...

Sample Management Tools
Automated Mixer Modules, Fraction Collectors, GC Autosamplers, more...

Sample Preparation
Automated SPE Systems, Diluters, Automated, Diluters, Manual, more...

Sample Preparation Kits
Deproteinizing Sample Preparation Kit, Detergent Removal Kits

Access Control Security Systems, Alarm Systems, Fire & Security, Alarm Systems, Monitored Variable, more...

Sensitivity Probes
Thermal Sensitivity Meters, Vibration Sensitivity Meters

Cordless Surgical Shavers, Surgical Shaver Replacement Blades, Surgical Shavers

ICP Optical Emission Spectrometry, Spectrometry Light Sources, Spectrometry Mapping Tables, more...

Spectrometry / Spectroscopy
Spectrometers, Cell Positioning Devices, Cells, Continuous Flow, more...

Spectrometry Fiber Optics
Mixed Wavelength Bifurcated Spectrometry Optical Fibers, Spectrometry Optical Fiber Adapters, Spectrometry Sampling Pipettes, more...

Differential Photometers, Dissolution Spectrophotometers, Fluorescence Spectrophotometers, more...

Spot Picking
Automated Spot Picker, Automated Spot Picker Aids

Staining & Imaging Books
Histology Books, Microscopy Books

Stereotaxic Instruments
Animal Support Tables, Cannula Holders, Remote Axis Displays, more...

Chemical Sterilants, Glass Bead Sterilizers

Barrier Isolators, Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolators, Compounding Aseptic Isolators, more...

Storage Cabinets
Acid Corrosive Chemical Storage Cabinets, Custom Storage Cabinets, Flammable Chemical Storage Cabinets, more...

Storage Devices
Bench Top Coolers, Custom Cabinet Doors, Cyrogenic Vial Racks, more...

Surgical Devices
Homeothermic Blankets, Hypophysectomy Instruments, Lesion Making Devices, more...

Surgical Monitors
CO2 Monitors, Pulse Oximeters

Syringe Pumps (Stepper)
Dual Syringe Infusion Pumps, Dual Syringe Pumps (Infusion Withdrawal), Four Unequal Syringe Pumps, more...

Tables (General), Vibration Isolation Tables

Tactile Sensitivity
Plantar Aesthesiometer, Von Frey Hair Kits

Test Tubes
Disposable Test Tubes, Test Tube Closures, Test Tubes (Pyrogen Free)

Tissue Choppers
Automatic Tissue Choppers, Manual Tissue Choopers, Tissue Chopper Aids

Tissue Dissection Devices
HistOtech Organ Sectioning Devices Economy, Organ Sectioning Devices Aids

Tissue Embedding
Charcoal, Fume Absorbers, Paraffin Recyclers, more...

Tissue Preparation
Brain Punches, Tissue Embedding Systems, Tissue Water Baths, more...

Tissue Slice
Blood Vessel, Brain Slice Chamber Consumables, Choose Brain Slice Support Top, more...

Tissue Staining
Immunostainers, Tissue Processor Aids, Tissue Processors

Biopotential Sensors, Button Press, Force (Isometric) Transducers, more...

2D Bar Coded Tubes, Cell Culture Tubes, Gel Lab Devices, more...

Chromatography Tubing 1 mm Diameter

Tubing / Fittings / Piping
Couplings, Couplings, Quick Disconnect, Piping, Fittings, more...

Ultrasonic Devices
Industrial Ultrasonic Processors, Sonoreactor, Ultrasonic Devices for Laboratory, more...

Valves (Chromatography)
Flushing Valves (Chromatography), Injection Valve, Switching Valves

Aids for Pressure Regulated, Pressure Regulated Ventilators, Ventilators (Cats Rabbits Monkeys), more...

Vertical Lab Devices
2D Lab Devices

Cryogenic Vials, Scintillation Vials

Vortexer Aids

Water Baths
Immersion Heaters, Water Baths

Water Purification
Carbon Adsorption, Deionization, Demineralizers, more...

Water Purification Filters
Bacteriological Filters, Bottle-top Filters, Cartridge Filters, more...

Water Purification Filtration Apparatus
Centrifugal Filtration Devices, Dialysis Products, Filter Test Devices, more...

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